Miami Charm and Bahama Mamas

With over 6 million people, and more than 300 skyscrapers, it might seem out of character to use “charming” as a descriptor of Miami, BUT if you opt to explore – in chill mode – you can find some absolutely lovely neighborhoods.

Fun fact:  Miami is the only major US city founded by a woman. Julia Tuttle, a local citrus grower and a wealthy Cleveland native. Julia Tuttle convinced railroad tycoon Henry Flagler to extend his Florida East Coast Railway to the region, for which she became known as “the mother of Miami”. Miami was officially incorporated as a city on July 28, 1896, with a population of just over 300.

Coral Reef, Coconut Grove, Miami

Mother Nature delayed our departure to the Bahamas, causing us to stay in Miami for a full week.  In true Chill Mode – Capt. Rick made daily use of the restful cement pond.

Cement Pond, Coral Reef

Miami architecture is bright and colorful, offering old world charm, like these Cuban-styled tiles that date back more than 100 years.

Vibrant murals are common throughout Miami, and artistic graffiti is encouraged. This butterfly mural is for our granddaughter, Abby.

A spectacular peacock mural was found on the wall of a high end jewelry store. It is also a reminder of two live peacocks we saw – just strolling along in someone’s magnificent yard. Startled by the noise of the royal birds, Susie G, now I understand how LOUD they can get.

Coconut Grove, FL

Our adventures included a self-guided tour of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, home of John Deering.

Harp for Faye

The home was completed In 1916. Known to be a generous host (there were 9 guest rooms), Deering enjoyed serving the finest of alcohol to his guests.  Yes, to all you history buffs, that was during prohibition.  Random observation, the code name for liquor was “comforters” that arrived as a shipment of “quilts”. Rather Clever.


With the help of our trusty tour guides from Fort Lauderdale, we ventured to Wynwood, a district renowned world wide for its artistic flavor. Thanks Steve and Captain Floyd for the amazing tour!

Capt Rick, Capt Dave Floyd, and Steve Jones; Wynwood, FL

But first, a decadent Cuban Sandwich, possibly the best Cuban food we have EVER enjoyed.

Cuban Good, Enriqueta’s
Cuban Gone

And now for some more Wynwood Miami Art!

Wynwood Wall
Wynwood Tour
For Zach and Eli, Wynwood

Key Biscayne

Our final stop in Florida was Key Biscayne. With a weather window opening we were now ready to venture across the Florida Straits.

The Sea Loves Those Who Fear It. An appropriate reminder as we waited out the weather.

Biscayne Key

Key Biscayne was restful.

Capt Gail and Capt Rick, chill mode.

Sunset Dos Palmas – Good bye Florida

Sunset at Biscayne Key. Dos Palmas, a tribute to 224 LaVerne

Crossing the BIG Water

BEFORE sunrise, and definitely before breakfast, we waved goodbye to the Florida shores. Thanks to our trusty Sea Keeper (Thanks, Maddie for turning it on early), the crossing of the Straits of Florida to Bimini Islands was uneventful.  A MUCH better experience than when we traversed in 2019!

Bahama Islands

Bahama mamas – OH YES!

Our port of entry is Bimini – staying at the Big Game Club Resort & Marina. Welcome drink delivered with a smile.

Hello Valentino!

Capt Rick opted for a Miami Vice – Bahama Style for MO


First night in the Bahamas was magical, beginning with a beautiful moon rise.

Moonrise over Bimini, May 14, 2022

NAUTICAL FLAG ANSWER Ocean Reef – Signal Flags

We received a lightning fast update from Ocean Reef, and now we are excited to report the flags at The Point were corrected – BRAVO!

Thanks to all of you who sent in a guess regarding “what was wrong” with the signal flags. Here are the proper positions of the flags that were hung “upside down” provided by Gail B. 🙂

Signal Flag O

Signal Flag “N”

Milestones/Celebrations: Birthdays – May 10, Michele Jackson

Our next stop is Great Harbor Cay. Our Island wiFi connection is good so far! Thanks for following us.

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5 thoughts on “Miami Charm and Bahama Mamas”

  1. Captain Rick taught me you cannot boat on a schedule. Can’t wait until retirement when I can truly follow that advice. Yes, Miami often gets a bad rap but there are wonderful parts of the city that are truly unique, Coconut Grove and Coral Gables are two. Love Vizcaya. Glad you made it safely to the Bahamas. Post pictures of the crystal clear water!

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  2. Looked like a relaxing week in Miami with a beautiful pool, delicious food and friends. I do relate to the loud noises of peacocks. I still miss our special “blue neck” and his daily visits to say hi. Your pictures were exquisite. Loved the sunset! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in the Bahamas. Stay safe and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Miss you guys Sue & Mike💕

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