Green Turtle Cay 🐢

Yes, the

water is this beautiful.

We took a dinghy ride on Inhale to New Plymouth.

A quaint little village.

We are truly on island time now!

On the fly bridge of Treble in Paradise, Faye Turke spoiled the crew of Tonto’s Reward, Rejoice and Exhale with an exceptional concert. With a range of 3 and a half octaves, her multi lingual talent spans all genres, from Classical Portuguese to Metallica. No doubt, their NP45 is perfectly named AND the fly bridge comfortably accommodated a total of 10 people with two happy dogs, in addition to her professional sound system.

We discovered this iconic bar at Green Turtle on the way out – unfortunately it was not open at 8 am. Yet, another good reason to return.

Happy birthday to Scott G (May 28) and Craig A (June 1)

Super Congrats, Mija, on the new Gig. Woo hooo!

Next stop – headed to Treasure Cay.

Great Sale Cay

Yes, it’s correctly spelled.

A beautiful anchorage shared with Rejoice, Treble in Paradise and Tonto’s Reward.

Welcome greetings from Scout.

On the water today we met Slo Cruising. She’s a North Pacific 43. They were delighted to see our NP49, followed by Treble’s NP45! A super mini rendezvous.

It was a spectacular day on the water

Rejoice waiving hello – from the fly bridge and the bow – to Ray and Caryl, fellow Gold Loopers.

Thanks for hosting dinner Rick and Deedy C. The ceviche was more than yummy.

Hey Faye, Maddie loves the new UV protected shirt. Look Bert and EJ – Proud to wear the Ocean Reef logo.

A perfect day with a spectacular sunset.

Next stop is Green Turtle Cay

West End, Old Bay, Bahamas

First, a message to our followers – WiFi is not reliable in The Bahamas, so don’t be worried, Ray, if we don’t post on a regular basis.

Deep Waters

A new record, water depths exceeding 2500 feet!

We did it! Crossing the Straits of Florida – 72 nautical miles in 9 hours – was a piece of cake compared to the overnight trek across the Gulf of Mexico we endured last fall!

And, Rick found a project while underway. You know, he loves to do projects.

Tonto’s Reward dubbed Capt Rick as “the radio whisperer”, attributing his quiet transmissions to his method of using the radio. It turned out there was truly a loose wire to blame. WWRD? Repair it, of course.

Clearing customs is an unpredictable experience. Sometimes the agents are very friendly and expedient, other times they seem to be very curious about the beautiful boats in their marina. Some of the group of four boats were processed quickly (Rejoice) while others took much longer (Treble in Paradise).

Now that we have all cleared customs, it’s island time.

Hello Rejoice!! So happy to be reunited with our gold Looper friends, beloved Nebo tracking maven, Deedy, and her hubby – fishing expert, and award winning chef – Capt Rick Crossland.

Bahama sunset

Capt Rick says it’s time for a Bud light.

Exhale, Tonto’s Reward and Rejoice

Happy Memorial Day from the Bahamas.

Safe Travels to all.

Crossing the gulf

Tonto’s Reward leads the way as we depart Fort Lauderdale headed to the West End, Bahamas

Treble in Paradise is joining us! Thanks for the weather opening.

Type I life vests (heavy seas worthy) and life raft nearby. Murphy’s Law they won’t be needed.

We will be out of range most of the day, will check in when we arrive. WiFi permitting 😎

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend celebrations

Memorial Day offers a moment to gather together, as a united nation, to give thanks for the blessed life we enjoy, in tribute to the men and women who bravely fought for the freedoms many of us now take for granted. On this day, I lament those that passed away, many of them far too young; including my dad and beloved uncles, who served during World War II. I also give thanks to living relatives and dear friends, men and women from every branch of service, who have dedicated their lives in every capacity imaginable to protect our country. Special thanks to David, Ray, Caryl, the Gill cousins, and all our dear friends, for your service.

“We must always remember that peace is a fragile thing that needs constant vigilance. “

President Ronald Reagan, 1986, Arlington National Cemetery

Thank you for keeping the peace.

Special Celebrations

Happy birthday Zach and Wyatt!!

On May 25, the Bernsteins celebrate their 45th anniversary! An early celebration included a truly special meal at the Islander, Ocean Reef.

Party goers included Rick and Mary, David and Gail, Tom and Faye, Roger and Connie.

Gail and David Bernstein
Sushi heaven
Decadent Dessert
Rick, Mary, Connie and Roger

Ocean Reef, Key Largo

Our sincere thanks to David and Gail Bernstein, who introduced us to their wonderful club in Key Largo. With heavy winds expected, we will be hanging out with Bert and EJ for a few days. It’s a beautiful life!

Ocean Reef

On board Connie and Roger’s dinghy, we explored the mangrove lined canals.

Ducking under two fixed bridges, a warm reminder of the beloved canals in Belmont Shore.

Hey Mo, Rick said thanks for sending the Bentley, if only it was the dark blue one.

Tonight we will enjoy fresh snapper, thanks to Capt Tom and Faye, Treble in Paradise, they caught 5 fish on the way to Key Largo.

Tom said this was the smallest fish …. No matter, with a little beer batter and Slap-Yo-Mama cajun seasoning, prepared perfectly by chef Capt Rick, it was absolutely yum-a-licious.

Now for a few fun boat names:

In Conch-nito

When the weather allows, our next stop will be Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale.

A Moment in Marathon

Traversing from Marco River to Marathon, Exhale was underway for 10.5 hours, a distance of 91.3 nautical miles, with a max speed of 11.9 knots (whoooo hooo) she averaged 8.7 knots per hour. Thats super cruising!

In Marathon, we happily reunited with our newly retired friends Faye and Tom. Treble in Paradise, it feels so good!

Nice Yard, Sandy Cocoa Puff! Yes, that’s a beautiful North Pacific.

Fishing time

Docked next to Exhale, Capt Joe caught and released this little tarpon in less than five minutes.

A magnificent Sunrise over Marathon.

Dock mates, Tonto’s Reward and Yippee-Ki-Yea

Sending thoughts and prayers to Chris and Len.

Next stop – Ocean Reef in Key Largo.

Here we go!

Life is good for this boat dog. Captain Rick said Maddie is “Anticipating swimming with the piggies”.

May 20

Departed Fort Myers. Morning rendezvous with Tonto’s Reward at channel marker 73. Beautiful weather, gorgeous calm waters. Running together at 8 knots per hour. Bahamas here we come!!

A Bahama Adventure!

The well seasoned crew begins a new adventure on the 20th of May 2019 as Exhale departs Fort Myers, FL, destined to “loop” the Bahamas.

Along the way we plan to connect with beloved Gold Looper, Rejoice; North Pacific friends, Treble in Paradise; Fort Myers friends Tonto’s Reward, Janine Marie, Li’l Sum’n Sum’n, Yippee-Ki-Yea, Moonshadow, plus a few special guests.

We hope you will follow us.