Looks Like We Made It

In the words of Capt Rick, the seas crossing the gulf were “not as advertised”.  We departed at 5:55 am, well before breakfast. 

West End, Bahama. 5:55 am

The first three hours we rocked and rolled, but eventually the seas calmed down significantly.  No traveling refrigerators.  No life vests needed.


After a LONG day, we were very thankful to return to the US, arriving in Fort Lauderdale roughly 10 hours later.

Now for a few fun facts. The area is also known as the Venice of America, thanks to over 300 miles of canals and channels. One of the best ways to see Fort Lauderdale is by water taxi.  If you are lucky, you might see this familiar face. It was great seeing you Capt. Floyd!

Celebrating Pride. Capt Floyd Looking Dapper

Originally known as the “Little River Settlement” in 1838 Major William Lauderdale led a detachment of Tennessee Volunteers south along the east coast of Florida to capture (steal) the agricultural lands and battle (brutally decimate) the native population. 

Year-round temperatures rarely dip below 60 degrees, yet, on January 19, 1977 it snowed.  Never before, and never after.

Fort Lauderdale is located at the far western tip of the Bermuda Triangle.  Where more than 50 ships and 20 airplanes are said to have mysteriously disappeared. https://www.britannica.com/place/Bermuda-Triangle


We named the SeaKeeper “Sally”, for no particular reason. Once a cherished stabilizer, she has been on vacation for more than a month.  Her respite was Unauthorized.  As we crossed the gulf once again we bemoaned her failure to perform. 

Thanks to a very persistent Capt. Rick the warranty work happened shortly after (yes AFTER) we made the big gulf crossing.  

SeaKeeper repair in progress.


We enjoyed a short visit at this magnificent club. Founded in 1959 (an easy year to remember for several of us), the club was recently remodeled.

Royal Palm Yacht Club – Wood Carvings


Our little wine and cheese boat was a retirement gift for Rick (who only retired for two weeks).  With a little sadness we said goodbye to our sweet Evie III. Best enjoyed in Long Beach, CA she is now in Naples, FL, with new owners.

Evie III, 2014, Long Beach, CA

Hey Chris – thanks for the watchful eye.  We appreciate you contacting Sergeant Johnson at LCSO when she disappeared.

PALM BEACH – phone booth, this relic is now an art piece. Notice the cat on the roof.

Hello, Cousin John!

Cousin, John Glenn Gill, Jr.

Introducing my beloved cousin, John Glenn Gill, Jr.  A deckhand for my dad in Seward, AK in our teens – and a well-seasoned world traveler – we were thrilled when he decided to vacation with us!

LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT – Celebrating our 12th Anniversary – loving a dozen years so far, toasting to many, many, many more.

July 3, 2022, celebrating 12 years

Dinner, prepared by Chef Rick and Sous Chef John: a flavorful medley of encrusted wahoo (from the Bahamas), sautéed garlic shrimp, and braised asparagus – gently resting on a nest of fettuccini. The broiled Bahamian garlic toast was courtesy of Gail.  

Scrumptious Anniversary Dinner

Thanks for the Hanzell Chardonnay, Reg and Kelly, it was superb!

We close with a personal note to Doug and Dana.  Tumbleweed, we are Super Sad about Oscar.    Sending you deep love.


Independence Day:  July 4 (tonight we will enjoy the fireworks with Marty and Anders in Stuart!)

Anniversary:  July 4 – Tanja and Jason Elliott celebrate 19 years.

Birthday:  July 3, Kathy Avanzino is eligible for Medicare; July 7, Reality Rodger; July 10, Jamie Hendry

NEXT STOP:  Crossing Lake Okeechobee (aka the “Big Ditch” or “Lake O”)

Sadly, we part ways with Tonto’s Reward on July 5; she is staying in Stuart for a scheduled spa visit while David, Gail, Bert and EJ go on a Baltic Sea adventure. We look forward to traveling with them again later in the summer.

Meanwhile, we hear the bananas and mangos are ripe on Wittman Drive, see you soon!