Nothing but Blue Sky, from now on …

Blue Sky

After a long stretch of rain, the clouds lifted, leaving blue sky for as far as the eye could see.

Buck’s Harbor Marine, Brooksville, ME

John Buck (similar in name to my beloved brother-in-law, John Buckendahl) and his family run a charming marina.  From the mooring field it was a quick dinghy ride to the land.

Buck’s Harbor Marina

Outdoor Shower – clean and convenient.

Outdoor Shower

Charming countryside.

gentle countryside

This Van is for Sam

Dog is my Co-Pirate. Now that’s a great t-shirt.

Okay followers, including @DougAndDanaAndABoat, no tags this time, 1) what is this flower and 2) why is it of significance to me?  Cleverness encouraged, with a real answer intertwined.

What’s this flower and why do I care.

Go ahead, Identify that wild blue flower in your comments!

From Buck’s harbor we motored to Brooklin, in the fog, again.


Wooden Boat School

Brooklin, Maine

As we headed to the school, David Bernstein observed a marine tragedy …. A moment of silence for this little guy.

Marine life tragedy

David and Gail lead the way to the WoodenBoat School, where we observed plenty of retired dudes hard at work.  Faye and Tom rode along as well.

Wooden Boat School

From Kayaks to Sailboats, exquisite craftsmanship. Hand-milled wood (Sam, you would have enjoyed this).

Kollegewidgwok Yacht Club , Brooklin

Don’t worry, we can’t pronounce it either. Call it KYC. It was another beautiful stop. We never get tired of this landscape.

Blue Hill, Maine

Photo of three boats together, courtesy of Treble.

Tonto’s Reward, Treble in Paradise and Exhale. Photo by Tom Turke

Another sweet little harbor – we were the largest boats in the mooring field.

The Garmin reading on the dinghy captured the days low and high tides in Blue Hill Harbor. You can do the math, the difference is over 12 feet. At low tide, you cannot access the town dock, as you are completely surrounded by bedrock and mud.  The terrain might be heaven for seals, but it is not navigable for any type of watercraft – not even kayaks.

Actual dinghy ride conversation:

Mary, “This dinghy ride (at high tide) is very different from our ride yesterday (at low tide).” David, “Yeees, there are a lot less rocks.” Gail, “Hmmm. I think we have the same number of rocks.”

Blue Hill, Maine

From KYC we took the dinghy to Blue Hill – you can get there by water in a brief window of time – from two hours before until two hours after high tide.

A quaint little town, the City Hall is a local treasurer.

City Hall

Blue Hill Grocery

Not your typical grocery store, this little treasure has an unexpected collection of retro games. And now for a blast from the way back. Recognize this?

Donkey Kong

Dinner at ArborVine, Blue Hill

We successfully made reservations for 6, and had the most unexpected meal in a remote spot. Amazing, and worth a return trip.

Wild caught halibut

Maddie and her alligator buddy, wishing for dry land.  This is not staged.

Miss Ally Gator chillin with Maddie Sue

Maddie Sue often carries her little buddy around the boat. The gator has been her constant companion, from Long Beach California, for roughly 10 years. I keep thinking I should ask her vet to officially declare Miss gator as a comfort pet – just can’t figure out how to get it TSA clearance.

Union River

Moonrise – enjoy the beauty.

Moonrise Photo by David Bernstein

Anchored out, again, Maddie makes the most of the situation.

surrounded by water – soaking in the sun

Celebrating Milestones. Anniversary: Larry & Laura, July 26. Birthdays: SuperWoman Diana Giraldo, July 28; Ann Freedman, July 31.

Next Stop:  Pretty Marsh followed by Seal Cove

Time for Otter’s

Castine, Maine

Simple living, with new friends. So far, Castine is our favorite respite in Maine. 

Let’s start with the small world syndrome.

Castine, ME

The owner of Otter’s Eatery, Rob DeGennaro, also owns a few familiar spots in Florida, including Ichabod’s (yum!), Nervous Nellie, RC Otter’s, the Island Cow on Sanibel, La Captiva Island Inn, Hungry Heron, and several more.

Housed in the former Dennett’s Wharf building on Sea Street, Otter’s Eatery is a casual, family style restaurant with delicious food!  And, don’t you just love the whimsical logo – notice the Florida-style shirt on that otter! To our delight, after chatting with Capt. Rick (who was wearing a similar shirt, no surprise), and realizing the common Florida connection, Rob offered Exhale the floating dock for two nights! A much smoother experience than the rocking mooring ball. Thanks, Rob! Maddie appreciated the close proximity to the park – we will be back.

Castine Walking Tour

We explored the town with our personal guide, Gail, who took us on a walking tour filled with hysterical trivia. 

Castine, ME


What a fabulous concept! The miniatures in the gallery were adorable. We only wish we had something to exchange.

F.L.A.G., Castine Arts Association
F.L.A.G. Castine, ME

Maine architecture

We never get tired of the beautiful architecture in Maine. Built on bedrock, these structures withstand the test of time.

Built in 1790, Bell and Cupola added in 1831

Wildflowers, vibrant and serene


While Tonto took a detour for some repairs, Exhale remained in Castine for an extra night or two. 

Pentagoet Inn and Wine Bar

Built in 1894, the inn is Castine’s oldest, original “summer hotel” still welcoming guests of Penobscot Bay. This Queen Anne Victorian style hotel has a prominent three-story turret, gables, and a delightful wraparound porch.

Built in 1894

Lured in by the promise of “wine perfectly paired with small plates“, we made reservations for a table to enjoy the evening jazz on the porch.  Let’s just say it was Not what we imagined. Suffice to say the cook needed some lessons from Craig Adford, it was a weak attempt, with very little offered.

What do you do when the meal is a bust? Find a better option! Meet Danny, Murphy, and Bernie.

Danny, Murphy and Bernie

Pizza time! 

Danny Murphy’s pizza

Danny Murphy’s Irish Pub is a local spot that opens AFTER the last tourist boat departs. Named after the two Maltese pupsters, the proprieter, Bernie, pours a cold beer, accompanied by a hot pizza, worth the wait, and priced to attract return visitors.

Lobstah beer

Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t taste fishy at all, and it goes well with pub food.

Lobstah beer

Hold on tight, Maddie

The floating dock at Otter’s was a great find. BUT, the tide swing is more than 10 feet, we think the floating ramp was a 45-degree angle. 

Hold On Maddie Sue!

At one point, we were almost level with the restaurant.  Notice the water marks on the dock pilings.

Camden, Maine

The run to Camden was about 4 hours, going super super slow. The water was flat and the weather delightful. We docked next to Sapphire Star, she hails from Juneau, AK.  Notice the big dipper. Mr. Kaplan was a long way from home.

Camden foot bridge

Another fix it project

Did I mention that Capt. Rick loves projects!?! Broken slats require a mega toothpick.

He hopes Gorilla Glue does the trick.
Toothpicks and zip strips to complete the chair repair for Tonto.

Wish you were here, Chris Moles.


Translated: Black Vulture, a wise bird that picks up the leavings. This magnificent boat is 20 years old, and clean as a whistle. Cared for with a LOT of pride.


We have said it before, the best part of boating is the friends who join you, and, the people you meet along the way.

This one is for Mija.  Introducing Bruce Kessler, the son of a clothing designer – a true living legend.  An American racing driver, film and tv director his story is amazing. Holy crap.  He’s 88.  We encourage you to take a look at his Wikipedia page, and read the story about James Dean.

Bruce Kessler, Zopilote.

Plus, here’s an insane list of movie and tv credits. Found on IMDB. Please comment on your favorite!!


Yes, it rained in Camden. When the clouds are black, take shelter, please.

Lobstah cake salad

Finally, a big thanks to Sandy, that was yummy. Treble and Exhale enjoyed yet another fabulous meal on Tonto.

Deconstructed Lobstah Salad, courtesy of Sandy

Celebrating Milestones: Birthday – Ray Houle aka Sideways, July 22; Anniversary – Matt and Michele Jackson, July 22.

Next stop: John Buck’s Harbor, Maine.

Oh, Elsa, enough already!

Chilly Capt. Rick

On the theme of being cold this picture missed the last post from Booth Bay Harbor.  Thanks to David B, Rick was well-bundled, with a proper coat.

Rockland, Maine

The run from Booth Bay to Rockland was bumpy, until Maddie remembered to turn on the Sea Keeper. Our favorite feature on the new Exhale, the gyro creates a smooth ride when the seas are not so calm.

Owls Head

Have you ever seen a tall ship?  How about two schooners together?


For your viewing pleasure

Spirit of Bermuda

We were joined in Rockland by Claude and JoAnn Welles, friends we had cruised with in the Bahamas.

Rockland is home to countless parks, museums, galleries, and boutiques.  Local restaurants offered an array of farm to table and fresh fish options, with far too many to choose from!

Harbor Square Gallery

Harbor Square Gallery and the Muir Garden

Thanks to JoAnn and Claude we found a perfect local gem.  Best little gallery, ever.  Built in 1912, this former bank (Security Trust), is magnificent.  Inside we toured the underground vault, the main floor, mezzanine, and a roof top garden – an oasis of trees and sculpture.  Every nook and cranny had a sweet surprise.  My personal favorite was the bank manager’s corner office on the mezzanine level – complete with a private balcony and exterior staircase.  Oh, Peter Zamarillo, may you rest in peace, the strategically located manager’s exit would have been well used by you!

Lobby and Mezzanine Levels

This link will give you more interior pics. Click Here: Check it out!

And then there were 10

With Rick and Karen Smith (not pictured) on board Tonto (4), the Welles on Exhale (4) and the Turkes from Treble (2) it was a full house. After a visit to the local seafood market, another fresh fish dinner was prepared by Chef Capt. Rick and enjoyed by all.  Thanks again Gail and Greg for the yummy recipes.

4 of the 10: Claude and JoAnn Welles, Gail and David Bernstein

Trivia for our friends from Doyle Lumber:  The Native Indians called Rockland Catawamteak, meaning “great landing place.”  Greg Doyle, notice the “teak” part in the name.  Maybe it should have been Cat-a-wam-oak, or Cat-a-wam-pine, since this location is a BIG oak and pine spot.

Rockland Lighthouse

As Elsa approached, we moved from Rockland to Rockport.  Distance between the two is about 6 nautical miles, or roughly 45 minutes – shortest run ever

Exhale and the Rockland Lighthouse. Photo by Gail Bernstein

Rockport Harbor

Arriving in Rockport in record time, Maddie seemed a little confused by the short journey. No time for a nap, no chance to bark at anything. What the heck?

Are we already there?

Rockport, Maine

Ms. Abbie Leonard is the Harbormaster in Rockport; she gets more than a gold star for customer care.  Most shocking, Rockport Harbor marina is a City dock!  Would you believe Abbie called Tonto, and then spoke with us, to make sure we knew the dock could be rocking and “a tad bit uncomfortable” when Elsa arrived. She posted this bulletin on the website:


Date: July 7, 2021 Time: 1500

Safety Alert in Preparation for Tropical Storm ELSA

We are currently tracking Tropical Storm ELSA’s path along the Atlantic coast. The most recent National Weather Service Hurricane Center predictions indicate gale force winds (sustained winds of 39 – 54 MPH) may impact some Northern New England ports within the next 72 hours. Ports in the Northern New England Captain of the Port Zone remain open to all commercial traffic.

Restore your faith people, government employees are nice people too.

Rockport, Maine

The harbor is absolutely picturesque. 

Sadie and the Train – Fancy a Cuppa?

With a watchful eye for the imminent rain, a handful of silver-haired female artists were painting the historic structures and picturesque landscape surrounding the Harbor.

Sadie, watercolor in progress

Miss Sadie looked a bit chilled. Perhaps it was the lovely British accent that prompted me to offer a spot of tea … or maybe it was the reminder of our sweet friends, Maaaack and Heather Rutherford on Bushranger. Sadie’s subject was the Vulcan Steam Locomotive, a little 040 saddletank steam locomotive dating back to the late 1800s. 

The Maine Event

And now for a shameless commercial break.  6 adults, 3 trawlers, 2 dogs, and 2 international bears. Look for pictures by Gail Bernstein and Simon Murray in a future edition of Power & MotorYacht. Details later.

Capt Rick, Maddie Sue, Mary S, Exhale; Gail B, Bert, EJ, David B, Tonto’s Reward;
Faye, Tom and Sandy Cocoa Puff, Treble in Paradise.

Sea Haven, Rockport, ME

Charming landscapes are abundant in Maine.

Weather Report: about that looming storm – Elsa diverted to the east, thank goodness!

No, Elsa did not bring any snow to Rockport, Maine, but she dumped enough rain to drown mosquitoes.  No worries, now there is plenty of standing water to restart the process.

Did you know there are over 3,000 types of mosquitoes worldwide, with 40 types in Maine.  I want to know, why would anyone actually signup to count and catalogue those pests? Oh, and which states have the most mosquitoes? Count down #5: North Carolina, #4: Georgia, #3: Louisiana, #2: Texass, and drum roll please, #1 is Florida.  No surprise.

When it Rains – take a nap

Maddie said, when you can’t do anything ab0ut the storm, take a nap.

Sea Keeper on, check! Nap Time, check!

Finally, a little local humor for Marty Liljequist.

photo by Capt. Rick

And yes, we love our multi-function CrockPot! Thanks, Marty, we think of you often.

Next Destination: Castine, ME

Celebrating Milestones:  Birthdays:  Rodger Swink, Reality, July 7; Jamie Hendry, July 10; Laura Jo Straley, July 13. Miss you beyond measure. 

Summer in Maine

We made it to Maine! You might recognize the infamous 25-foot statue at the entrance to Brown’s Wharf. This iconic fisherman was installed in 1968; loving maintenance of this fiberglass, rebar and cement giant keep him standing strong.

Brown’s Wharf

Before we share the excitement in Maine, let us backtrack a few days to share our adventures with the Doyles.

Tiny Waterhouse – so sweet.
Fearless Gail Doyle.
West Gloucester Bridge

A heartfelt thank you to Larry and Mary Dodge – who met us in Gloucester, loaned us their vehicle, and picked up a mooring ball on their North Pacific 45. It was spectacular seeing you

Gloucester Pride – City Hall

A memorable – moving – feast.

Maddie found a strategic spot to wait for the feast.

Gail and Greg Doyle brought fresh Haddock and all the fixings. It was insanely delicious. Look Trevor!! Can you believe we comfortably sat 8 in the cockpit.

Newbury Port

The Doyles traveled on board to Newbury Port, a quaint place with a sense of magic.

Newbury Port. Finns for Finny, yes they were from Finland!
Newbury Port Sunset

Lobstah Time!

A short drive from Newbury Port you will find Salisbury, MA. We never saw a salisbury steak.

This local spot is a favorite for Gail Doyle. We know why!

Salisbury Lobster, Gail Doyle eats these with style.

Kennebunk Port, ME

We made it to Maine – and it was record heat. It was beyond confusing to feel the temps approaching 100 degrees. But no need to complain, the cold weather is right around the corner. Trust me.

for Mija

Boothbay Harbor, ME

This tugboat hosts a lovely restaurant and pub. Worth the visit.

Tugboat Inn
Boothbay Harbor locals – love the sandals!

Possibly the best bar we have ever visited is found at the Carousel Marina. We felt like we just walked into Cheers, and we might have been the youngest patrons. These crusty fishermen were a classic example of the Maine locals.

It’s getting chilly now – Capt Rick is drinking tea and wearing socks.

We are currently holed up for a storm, spending a few extra days at Brown’s Wharf, well, because weather happens.

Next destination: Rockland, Maine. Not sure when.

Name That Port

Okay all you world travelers, can you identify this port? Leave us a comment with your guess. The answer will be in the next post.

Photo by LeighWag – Thanks Leigh!

Celebrating Milestones: Birthday Wishes to Leo, 7/2; Kathy Avanzino, 7/3. Anniversary Love to Capt Rick and Mary S, 7/3; Tanja and Jason Elliott, 7/4.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!