Summer in Maine

We made it to Maine! You might recognize the infamous 25-foot statue at the entrance to Brown’s Wharf. This iconic fisherman was installed in 1968; loving maintenance of this fiberglass, rebar and cement giant keep him standing strong.

Brown’s Wharf

Before we share the excitement in Maine, let us backtrack a few days to share our adventures with the Doyles.

Tiny Waterhouse – so sweet.
Fearless Gail Doyle.
West Gloucester Bridge

A heartfelt thank you to Larry and Mary Dodge – who met us in Gloucester, loaned us their vehicle, and picked up a mooring ball on their North Pacific 45. It was spectacular seeing you

Gloucester Pride – City Hall

A memorable – moving – feast.

Maddie found a strategic spot to wait for the feast.

Gail and Greg Doyle brought fresh Haddock and all the fixings. It was insanely delicious. Look Trevor!! Can you believe we comfortably sat 8 in the cockpit.

Newbury Port

The Doyles traveled on board to Newbury Port, a quaint place with a sense of magic.

Newbury Port. Finns for Finny, yes they were from Finland!
Newbury Port Sunset

Lobstah Time!

A short drive from Newbury Port you will find Salisbury, MA. We never saw a salisbury steak.

This local spot is a favorite for Gail Doyle. We know why!

Salisbury Lobster, Gail Doyle eats these with style.

Kennebunk Port, ME

We made it to Maine – and it was record heat. It was beyond confusing to feel the temps approaching 100 degrees. But no need to complain, the cold weather is right around the corner. Trust me.

for Mija

Boothbay Harbor, ME

This tugboat hosts a lovely restaurant and pub. Worth the visit.

Tugboat Inn
Boothbay Harbor locals – love the sandals!

Possibly the best bar we have ever visited is found at the Carousel Marina. We felt like we just walked into Cheers, and we might have been the youngest patrons. These crusty fishermen were a classic example of the Maine locals.

It’s getting chilly now – Capt Rick is drinking tea and wearing socks.

We are currently holed up for a storm, spending a few extra days at Brown’s Wharf, well, because weather happens.

Next destination: Rockland, Maine. Not sure when.

Name That Port

Okay all you world travelers, can you identify this port? Leave us a comment with your guess. The answer will be in the next post.

Photo by LeighWag – Thanks Leigh!

Celebrating Milestones: Birthday Wishes to Leo, 7/2; Kathy Avanzino, 7/3. Anniversary Love to Capt Rick and Mary S, 7/3; Tanja and Jason Elliott, 7/4.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Author: Exhale49

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  1. You made it to Maine! I never had any doubts. So beautiful. The Tugboat Inn looks so cool. Love the pictures. Maine coastline is so pretty. Those locals look like they were plucked off a movie set featuring Maine lobster fishermen!

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