West End, Old Bay, Bahamas

First, a message to our followers – WiFi is not reliable in The Bahamas, so don’t be worried, Ray, if we don’t post on a regular basis.

Deep Waters

A new record, water depths exceeding 2500 feet!

We did it! Crossing the Straits of Florida – 72 nautical miles in 9 hours – was a piece of cake compared to the overnight trek across the Gulf of Mexico we endured last fall!

And, Rick found a project while underway. You know, he loves to do projects.

Tonto’s Reward dubbed Capt Rick as “the radio whisperer”, attributing his quiet transmissions to his method of using the radio. It turned out there was truly a loose wire to blame. WWRD? Repair it, of course.

Clearing customs is an unpredictable experience. Sometimes the agents are very friendly and expedient, other times they seem to be very curious about the beautiful boats in their marina. Some of the group of four boats were processed quickly (Rejoice) while others took much longer (Treble in Paradise).

Now that we have all cleared customs, it’s island time.

Hello Rejoice!! So happy to be reunited with our gold Looper friends, beloved Nebo tracking maven, Deedy, and her hubby – fishing expert, and award winning chef – Capt Rick Crossland.

Bahama sunset

Capt Rick says it’s time for a Bud light.

Exhale, Tonto’s Reward and Rejoice

Happy Memorial Day from the Bahamas.

Safe Travels to all.

Author: Exhale49

North Pacific Trawler

5 thoughts on “West End, Old Bay, Bahamas”

  1. Spectacular pics and great commentary. Give both Crosslands a hug from me…Ray send manly handshake to Rick’ hug to Deedy.

    Be well, enjoy, miss you all Caryl and Ray

    Sent from my iPad


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