Great Sale Cay

Yes, it’s correctly spelled.

A beautiful anchorage shared with Rejoice, Treble in Paradise and Tonto’s Reward.

Welcome greetings from Scout.

On the water today we met Slo Cruising. She’s a North Pacific 43. They were delighted to see our NP49, followed by Treble’s NP45! A super mini rendezvous.

It was a spectacular day on the water

Rejoice waiving hello – from the fly bridge and the bow – to Ray and Caryl, fellow Gold Loopers.

Thanks for hosting dinner Rick and Deedy C. The ceviche was more than yummy.

Hey Faye, Maddie loves the new UV protected shirt. Look Bert and EJ – Proud to wear the Ocean Reef logo.

A perfect day with a spectacular sunset.

Next stop is Green Turtle Cay

Author: Exhale49

North Pacific Trawler

6 thoughts on “Great Sale Cay”

  1. Ditto to all of the Beradinis comments. We are envious. I am Keeping Len company in icu resting in advance of his next procedure (#6 not counting the first 2 emergency surgeries) which is tomorrow. We hope that they will finish closing his belly tomorrow. He is semi awake, & cognitively answering Y/N questions by nodding his head. His 4 doctors (surgeon, pulmonologist, nephrologist, & infectious disease) are all pleased with his progress. Right now his awesome nurse is giving him a shave & he is smiling. Hugs to all of you.

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