A Moment in Marathon

Traversing from Marco River to Marathon, Exhale was underway for 10.5 hours, a distance of 91.3 nautical miles, with a max speed of 11.9 knots (whoooo hooo) she averaged 8.7 knots per hour. Thats super cruising!

In Marathon, we happily reunited with our newly retired friends Faye and Tom. Treble in Paradise, it feels so good!

Nice Yard, Sandy Cocoa Puff! Yes, that’s a beautiful North Pacific.

Fishing time

Docked next to Exhale, Capt Joe caught and released this little tarpon in less than five minutes.

A magnificent Sunrise over Marathon.

Dock mates, Tonto’s Reward and Yippee-Ki-Yea

Sending thoughts and prayers to Chris and Len.

Next stop – Ocean Reef in Key Largo.

Author: Exhale49

North Pacific Trawler

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