Sweet Bahama Blue

North Bimini

From North Bimini we decided to explore with the dinghy. When we could not find a safe place to tie up for lunch, we returned to the big boats and walked. Jonathan kept watch while we enjoyed a few brewskis. 

Dock Closed

The competition continues, Kalik vs. Sands!

Kalik vs Sands

We have talked about these local brews in the past. We can now confirm that Kalik is more popular with the locals as we got the last two chilled brews, leaving only Sands for Gail and David. Can you guess what American beer sells more than Sands? You are right if you said Capt. Rick’s favorite Bud Light. 

Power boat.

Things that make you go hmmm.  For all you finance nerd herds, here’s a question.  Typically a boat is a non- liquid asset – but, what if you name it Crypto Bucks? Like cash, she goes fast …

time for a short nap

When a water crossing begins at daybreak and stretches for more than 8 hours, you can find me (Mary S) at the helm while Capt. Rick takes a break, sadly, without Maddie Sue …

Great Harbour Cay

The trek to Great Harbour Cay included an unexpected storm – As Tim and June know, weather is Subject to Change. We had been warned to travel slowly into the narrow channel entrance.

Securite, securite, securite – motor vessels entering the cut …

Local Bar

There were very few options available for dinner.  A local bar seemed busy, but there were some clear warning signs we should have paid closer attention to.

First, David B accurately assessed that the band setting up was soon going to be loud – so he wisely insisted we order our food to go.  Although he got that right, we had no way of knowing the band would have squalling speakers AND they were greatly lacking in talent. 

Local Dive Bar

Second, there were beeping fire alarms – every 15 seconds the one above my head would chirp (yes, I counted the painful time interval), followed by a second annoying chirp, across the room.  With very low ceilings both alarms were within easy reach, so there was no excuse to leave them beeping – unless 9-volt batteries are in dreadful short supply similar to US baby formula.  

Finally – we really should have walked out – when over the course of 30 minutes multiple disgruntled customers returned with one or more Styrofoam containers, complaining their order was not right. Visualize a thunderous tirade from a hungry, Bahamian woman who unleased her venom on the bartender. Well, next time you hear the phrase Bahama Mama, you should know it is not just a tasty drink, it’s also a violent force to be reckoned with.

With all that said I won’t go into detail about how bad the food was … let’s just disclose that I could not imagine feeding the fish the unfinished meals.

New Beach Club

New Beach Club

Contrast in Quality – We highly recommend the New Beach Club. Chirp-Free, it was exceptional food with a smile.  Beautiful all the way around.

Bahama Map

Thanks Gail for the perfect visual aide to my fun facts.  The Bahamas consists of roughly 700 islands of which only 30 or 40 are inhabited.  Total Coastline is about 2,200 miles, total land mass is approximately 4,000 square miles.  To put that land mass into relevant perspective, Florida is slightly less than 54,000 square miles, while Texas is more than 268,000 square miles. Alaska tops the charts at 586,412 square miles, of course. Bragging rights are good.

Capt Gail Bernstein

Picturesque Bahamas

Gary (Tarheel, Knot Dreamin) asked for water photos – so here we go. First you might wonder, why is the water soooo blue?

sweet blue waters

The lighter aqua colors are shallow water where the sunlight is reflecting off of the sand and reefs near the surface. Water temperatures average around 80°F year-round.

Google Earth has precise images that prove just how incredible the colors are, ranging from crystal clear turquoise to ultramarine, azure, cerulean, royal blue, sea green and even rich purples.

Bahama Sands

It also helps that the water in the Bahamas is exquisitely clean – except perhaps where those darned pigs foul up the water daily.

Another fun factoid:  The tongue of the ocean (also known as TOTO) is found in the Bahamas – It’s a wow factor to discover the TOTO – not to be confused with a dog from the VERY flat Kansas – plunges to depths of 4,000 meters, or 13,100 feet.  Visualize massive canyons – fully submerged – with an ocean floor dating back 20 million years. 

Chub Cay

Chub Cay Sunset

We returned to Chub Cay, a delightful respite, to rendezvous with Craig and Mo, our dearest friends from CA. Welcome Back to Exhale! They flew over from Fort Lauderdale to Chub in a private plane. Since they were the only passengers, a very happy Craig got to be the co-pilot!

Hello Craig and Maureen

Distracted by the Hooters Girls

Imagine Capt. Ricks delight when this boat showed up adjacent to us in Chub Cay.

Hooter Patrol X

It turns out it was our neighbor, Champ, who lives two doors down from us on Wittman – Champ owns 8 Hooters restaurants.  What a small world.

Hello to our Fort Myers Neighbor, Champ

Formula 1 Pirelli Gran Premio

With Craig and Maureen onboard, tonight we are going to watch the F-1 race in Catalunya Spain – it’s recorded so don’t spoil it – Go Max Go!

Milestones and Celebrations: 

Birthdays:  May 25, Zach Silverstein (Mijo); May 28, Scott Ginsburg, May 29, Doug Belknap and Joe Solari.  Anniversaries:  May 25, Gail and David Bernstein; May 26, Jeff and Patty North.

Next Up:  Spanish Wells Yacht Haven

Author: Exhale49

North Pacific Trawler

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  1. Thank you, Thank you, for those beautiful clear blue water photos! Keep them coming. I hope to see those waters under the hull of Knot Dreaming someday. As for Hooter Patrol, again I seem to miss all the fun!

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