The Origin of Mother’s Day

Waffles for Mother’s Day

For as long as I can remember, we have eaten waffles on Mother’s Day. Thanks Capt. Rick for keeping the tradition alive.

Waffles with raspberries and whipped cream.

Mother’s Day History Lesson

Dating back to 1905, the founding of Mother’s Day is attributed to Anna Jarvis, a well-known peace activist. Renowned for her gentle care of wounded soldiers from both sides of the American Civil War, Anna was well respected in both the north and the south.  

During the war, Anna joined forces with another peace activist, suffragette Julia Ward Howe. Together they called upon mothers of all nationalities to band together to promote the “amicable settlement of international questions, for the general interests of peace.”  

In 1908 Jarvis formally appealed to Congress to set aside the second Sunday in May to honor all mothers “Because,” she said, “a mother is the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world.” Sadly, her mother had recently passed away. 

Congress rejected her proposal, reportedly laughing at the request.

Undaunted, Jarvis got affirmation from the State governors who independently adopted Mother’s Day as a state holiday. Bolstered by state support, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day a national holiday by presidential proclamation.

Protesting Mother’s Day

Less than 10 years later, Jarvis was arrested for protesting the very same holiday she had founded.  You might be wondering, how is that possible? Well, in the early 1920’s Hallmark Cards, candy makers and flower vendors began to heavily market the popular holiday. No longer a day of honor and respect, the loving holiday founded by Jarvis had become heavily commercialized.  Outraged, Anna organized boycotts, threatened multiple corporate lawsuits and ultimately staged a protest at a national candy makers convention in Philadelphia.  Her valiant efforts were rewarded – with a jail sentence, ironically, for “disturbing the peace.”

And now back to our regular scheduled program …

Snooks Bayside

It was a treat to return to Snook’s. No surprise, the food was great, sunset spectacular, and Cabana Boys attentive (that’s for you, Maureen).

Snooks Bayside at Sunset

On multiple occasions we have enjoyed the sunsets at Snooks with Maureen, Craig, Sue and Mike. Notice the fish, it’s a Wyland orginal.

African Queen on the Water!

What a shock to see the African Queen on the move. No, it’s not a replica, it’s the real deal! More than 100 years old now, this boat was popularized by Bogart and Hepburn in the movie of the same name (actually, the boat was renamed to match the movie). Capt. Rick spotted it first, sorry the pic is so grainy, we could not get any closer.

African Queen, tours in Key Largo.

The oscar winning African Queen is one of Capt. Rick’s very favorite movies. Random trivia, while filming in the Congo, the entire cast and crew, save two people, got dysentery. Apparently Hepburn got it the worst. Only Bogart and the director, John Huston, were spared the discomfort. They attributed their immunity to a diet of whisky and cigarettes. So now we know yet another reason why boaters drink heavily.

Hanging on the wall at our next stop, Ocean Reef, was a much better photo of the African Queen, for your viewing pleasure.

African Queen ~ circa 1945

Ocean Reef, Key Largo, FL.

Staying at Ocean Reef is magical. The hospitality, the view, the food, and did I mention the DELICIOUS ice cream and gelato. Capt Rick went back three times in three days. Thanks Morgan!!

Gail B, JoAnn and Claude Welles, David B, and Capt Rick

If you have had the privilege of staying at Ocean Reef (several of you have!) you will recognize this sweet bird.

On the Same Page

To me this bird represents a fleeting hope -that folks COULD get on the same page. With the upheaval in the Courts and the distressful fight to preserve and protect Roe v Wade, it is doubtful. RBG must be more than livid right now!

Ocean Reef, the Point, Key Largo, FL

Now for a nautical test. Gail Bernstein you are NOT allowed to spoil the answer. Can you identify the problem(s) with these signal flags found at the entrance to Ocean Reef? By the way, we shared the observation with management, I am confident the mistake will be remedied soon.

Thank you to Luann, Morgan, Pam and Greg for an exquisite respite.

Coral Reef, Coconut Grove, FL (near Miami)

What a beautiful evening!

Coconut Grove, evening magic

A sad goodbye to Claude and JoAnn as they head back home.

Next up – The Formula I – Miami Grand Prix – Go Max Go. If you know the outcome, don’t spoil it, we are watching it shortly on tape.

Thank you

As we close out this post on Mother’s Day, a personal thanks to all the moms, grand moms, and great grand moms out there who have enriched our lives! Equally (actually more) important, a heartfelt thanks to all the kids and grandkids, young and old, near and far, virtual and stuffed (Bert & EJ), who make life so sweet.

Milestones and Celebrations: Birthday – May 8, Danielle Ginsburg; May 11, Michele May Jackson.

Next Stop: We are currently waiting out the weather in the Miami area, extended our stay at Coral Reef, Coconut Grove; target departure to the Bahamas on Saturday, May 14.

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6 thoughts on “The Origin of Mother’s Day”

  1. Great photos! Thanks for the history lesson! I think the flag issue us that the US Flag should be higher than all the rest.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As a chap who knows his flags I cannot see too much wrong. Maybe the US flag inferior to the resort flag is wrong, the National Flag should be superior. Also, instead of two E flags they should have gone with Echo and first substitute. I am hanging on the yardarm for the answer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting observation Re the first substitute. You are causing us to research further …

      The US flag is properly hanging on the yardarm so nothing is flying in the airspace above. So that’s not the requested correction.


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