A Wedding with Waddles


Waddles was the perfect wedding host. For those of you who have not met, Waddles has been the beloved international mascot of Megan Ginsburg – Capt. Rick’s niece – for the past 15 years.

Congrats to Megan & Mike Newton, who got married on August 21 in Ann Arbor, MI. As you can see, the bride is gorgeous, and that dress – absolutely exquisite. The groom, with his charming smile, was truly handsome 🙂

Megan and Mike
Proud papa, Capt. Rick’s brother, Scott Ginsburg

It was an exceptional gathering of relatives traveling from the states of California, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maine, and a few more. For Capt. Rick in addition to seeing the familiar members of the extended Satterfield and Ginsburg family, it was a rare treat to spend time with the fashionable Aunt Sally and Uncle Ernie Waxman, who never show their age!

For all of us, it was a sweet reminder that family will travel many miles to celebrate life events, and, that the bonds are timeless.

It is absolutely fascinating how the family dynamics never change, no matter how much time passes between visits. Some siblings misbehave. Some tend to cry with joy, several times. Some just dance, all night long, happy to enjoy life!

Grandpa Rick

Family gatherings are the most precious when Grandpa Rick gets to spoil  three grandkids at the same time!

Grandkids are a joy!
Leo, Grandpa Rick, Abby
Tyler and Grandpa Rick – dapper dudes.
Grandkids Abby, Strawberry the Moose, and Leo.
Pajamas from Maine. Thanks, personal shopping consultant Gail Bernstein!
Mary and Rick, photo by Jamie Hendry.

Portland, Maine

Arriving back at the airport in Portland we had a special sighting.  A Moose! But wait a minute – something is extremely odd about that moose. 

First a little background to establish credibility. Moose are so common in Alaska, I could not possibly tell you have many hundreds I have seen (I lived in AK for nearly 40 years).  Even Capt Rick has seen several of them up close. 

With a wealth of experience in this matter, this stuffed moose was absolutely ridiculous! Why?? Because moose are NEVER this groomed! (Useless Factoid from Wikipedia: To become a taxidermist, only 28 states require a license, and Maine requires two exams, but there is no requirement for “experience”) Moose are ugly, their hide is a mess, and they shed like crazy.  Was the taxidermist from Los Angeles? To me, this moose looks like it just won a contest for Miss Moose International.  Good grief!

DiMillos Marina – Portland Maine

While it rained heavily for several days, Exhale was safely docked at DiMillos, a walkable location with exceptional staff.  Sorry, there were no great photos taken at this location. 

Wentworth by the Sea

Photo by Capt. Rick

This hotel is reminiscent of the Grand Hotel on Makinac Island, MI – celebrating sweet memories with Gypsy and the Gillespies. Hello Doyles! Thanks for making the drive. It was nice to see you again.

Strawberry Banke, Portsmouth, NH.

The ladies (Gail, Carol and MS) went to Portsmouth, NH to explore Strawberry Banke, the oldest neighborhood in New Hampshire. No surprise, the community is built on a “bank” of elevated ground and strawberries were once abundant.

With 37 restored buildings from the 17th to the 19th centuries (that’s crazy old), ranging in size from very small to mini mansions, all but one rest on their original foundations. Amazing.

Magnificent furniture for Mija.

This photo proves tiny houses date back hundreds of years.

Strawberry Banke

Sunrise Photo

This is for Dave and Holly Lubs – we got up way before breakfast to take this photo for you!

Sunrise at 6:15 am, heading to Boston

Next up: Boston, MA – Donna and Steven with a “v”, you should be here.

Spoiler alert for Megan– special guests from the Boston Aquarium!

A friend for Waffles

Author: Exhale49

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5 thoughts on “A Wedding with Waddles”

  1. Loved the family photos at the wedding! Your niece looked stunning and her dress was spectacular! You & Rick looked great all “spiff-ied up”! And Tyler has gotten SO big! Also loved the moose commentary! Jim just got back from hiking on Kings Peak in Utah and he saw 5 moose in a swampy area! Pretty cool! At least there was no traffic for them to run into up there!😀 Sound like you’re getting ready to head south-be safe out there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Susan. Tyler has definitely grown. Yes, we slowly are heading south. Today we are in Boston, next up is Provincetown, MA. We will be in Baltimore in Sept. for the Trawlerfest. Come join us!


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