Make Way for Ducklings

Make Way for Ducklings

First a little something for Rebecca Hill. The Nancy Schon sculpture in the Boston Public Garden, a tribute to Bostonian author Robert McCloskey. Installed in 1987.

Boston, MA

Faneuil Hall, Boston

Maddie enjoyed our stay in Boston – surrounded by exquisite public parks, luxuriant architecture, splendid history, and abundant food options.

Mija – this is for you! We LOVE this city : -) Alisha was in Boston, starting a new project, when COVID changed the world. This resilient city is thriving again.

Boston city scape – for all you Boston Legal fans.
Poinsettias for Caryl

We found the best Chinese food, maybe ever, at Billy Tse, Chinese and Pan-Asian Cuisine. It was so good, we went there twice. Check it out for yourself! Capt Rick tried to talk Billy Tse into opening a restaurant in Florida, no dice. And yes we enjoyed Italian cuisine, again, and again and again. Of course the family owned restaurants, with tables in the streets, were the best!

Boston Aquarium

The Aquarium was spectacular until throngs of unruly children and disrespectful adults – who refused to properly mask up – arrived.

Shark for Tyler

And now we are excited to share there are LOTS of Friends for Waddles

Penguin Mania for Megan

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere – A little fact check

The story of Paul Revere is often debated, bizarrely, dating back to the moment of his birth.  The infamous Bostonian was born on December 21, 1734, according to Wikipedia. BUT, disagrees, reporting his birthday on January 1, 1735.

Historians do agree the prosperous silversmith was one of the ringleaders in the 1773 Boston Tea Party. Scandalously disguised as Mohawk Indians, Revere and his cadre of vandals utterly destroyed the cargo from three ships (valued at nearly $2 million today), creating an immediate shortage of tea. Ironically, when the reality of unmet demand followed a dramatically decreased supply, the price of tea rose higher than the tax they were protesting; that’s the fickle finger of fate – for @DougAndDanaAndABoat.

Paul Revere’s House – seems to be glued to the adjacent structure.

The “Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” was first published in 1861 in The Atlantic Monthly. To provide some perspective, Revere died in in 1818. We are all familiar with the phrase “ … one if by land, two if by sea …” But did you know that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow took great liberty with his poem, re-writing the actual events for the sake of clever syntax and a Hollywood ending. 

Let’s revisit a few details of that infamous April 1775 horse ride, beginning with who really lit the lanterns in the Old North Church. A visit to the historic church revealed the descendants are still fighting over that claim to fame!

Old North Church

As pointed out by our hop-on-hop-off tour guide – the horse ride was not at midnight, the ships would have landed much earlier.

We also heard Revere didn’t even own a horse, he borrowed one from a neighbor.  Is that like borrowing a Hinckley sailboat?  Just curious.

Finally, Wikipedia confidently reports no one actually yelled “the British are coming” Why? Most of the Massachusetts colonists considered themselves British – meaning the British were already there.  

Boston Waterboat Marina

We stayed in Boston for 4 nights, the location was superb, within easy walking distance of downtown. This was the magnificent view from our boat.

Boston Waterboat Marina

On our final day in Boston we said goodbye to Gail’s sister Carol Mayo. Thanks for exploring with us, and for sharing your fabulous stories, Carol Lee!

Waterboat Duck House – for Carol Mayo
Good night, Boston

Journey Stats

The new Exhale has journeyed 3,550 nautical miles since December 22, 2020 – when Donna and I met Capt. Rick and Steven with a “v” in New Orleans. That’s where our slow boat came off the BIG ship from China. Rest assured she was fully sanitized – and Rona free – upon arrival.

That includes a total of 2,450 nautical miles traveled since we left Fort Myers – accompanied by Craig and Maureen – on April 29, 2021.  A lifetime ago. 

Be Safe Out There

With the Delta variant rampant in our communities, we wish everyone good health. Be safe, be smart.

Ducklings, masked

Mask up America!!

Milestones: Birthdays: Susan Merritt, Gypsy, September 5; Connie B., September 9.

Next Up: Provincetown or P-town

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