Lobster Lady

YES! That’s the name of one of our favorite restaurants in southwest Florida, where we often order the seafood tower with a generous portion of lobster, mussels, clams, crab and so much more. So yummy. But this is an introduction to a REAL Lobster Lady.


Say hello to Lobster Lady Allyssa (Ah-Liss-ah).  She works 5 days a week as a crew member for a well-established lobster fisherman.  Born into the trade, from a long line of lobster men, she is the only female on the crew. 

Just One More

Even more impressive, this 36-year-old mom (2 kids) told us she owns 140 lobster traps that she manages and harvests solo, and, on average, one out of every four lobsters are keepers.  Her boat is named “Just One More” and she is a strong, tough, cookie. 


This sleepy little village was a surprise. Enjoy this beautiful landscaping.


Spectacular schooner in the fog.

If a summer in Maine conjures up an image of relaxing outdoor activity, this pic is for you.

Maine canoe


Yes, it’s been a long time since Maddie got a haircut.

What are you looking at? Yes, I ran in the mud, again …

Rockport, again

Some of the places we have visited have been so spectacular we decided to visit again!

Rockport, Maine

Port Clyde, St George

Port Clyde was so small the family owned grocery store closed at 3 pm. Yet, with a little help from guests on board Tonto’s Reward – Brenda and Phil – we discovered some wonderful local hangouts. On the theme of Lobster ladies, this restaurant worker shared the technique to safely secure and boil lobsters.  Note to self: remove the rubber band before cooking.

Lobster prep for the dinner crowd

Mooring ball math

We know there are a few of you out there who hate math. And we know a few more who don’t like to disclose your exact age, conveniently subtracting a few years … so maybe it was just a harmless little rounding down. When the mooring field limits the allowable size of the boat, 50 something is close enough.

It’s well known that cold water causes shrinkage, especially in Maine.

Moonlight Magic over Tonto’s Reward

Moonlight Magic

Linekin Bay Resort

From the mooring ball we took a launch (think water taxi) to the resort. Maddie loved this long ramp.

Linekin Resort

Established in 1918, the Lin-e-kin Bay Camp was once a “Healthy, Happy, Saltwater Camp for Girls on the East Coast of Maine.” That’s a quote, verbatim, from the camp brochure. Considering the time period, it might have been a very progressive school.

Bath time for Maddie

Thanks, Dad. I needed that.

Special thanks to the extremely kind and talented Faye Turke, Treble in Paradise, who patiently groomed Maddie the very next day!

Back to BoothBay Harbor!

Another repeatable location is BoothBay Harbor. This time we selected the marina on the northwest side of the harbor. Another small, family run marina. Kim, the Dockmaster, was amazing! We will be back for sure.

Boothbay Harbor Marina

New Friends

Guests on Tonto’s Reward, we sincerely enjoyed the company of Phil and Brenda, except for that one time, when he decided to take a video of someone dancing in Rockport …

Phil and Brenda (not pictured) hosted dinner!

Next Stops – Portland, Maine; Ann Arbor, MI (family detour); Wentworth by the Sea, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

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