Harbour Island – Valentines Marina

Harbour Island in the Bahamas was originally inhabited by Arawak, a tribe of the Lucayan Indians. Shortly after Christopher Columbus discovered this area in the Bahamas’ Out islands the entire tribe of Lucayans was wiped-out by the Spanish Conquistadors. By the middle of the 16th century Harbour Island was desolate, it remained uninhabited for over 100 years.

Presently, it appears there are more chickens on the island than people. Population as of census 2010: 1,762 residents. Number of chickens: growing daily.

The Marina office provided a good introduction to the colorful island, the six foot metalwork is a fitting tribute to the abundance of roosters wandering aimlessly through the streets.

Pink Sands

Today, the island is a wedding destination, known for the long pink sand beaches stretching along its eastern shore. 

Remote Island Life

Cargo for the island arrives by miniature commercial ships.

Resourceful recycling – these repurposed wine bottles now serve as a retaining wall.

Yes, Mike Gillespie, you would have enjoyed the hot dogs on the beach.

Narrow winding streets are the island standard since the main mode of transit is a golf cart.

Tourists hale from far and wide. Can you find your home state plate?

Local pubs are the best!

Stairs to a waterfront pub, where the electrical work is “creative”. This photo is for Dale and Ann. Can’t wait to see you on the 19th!

It’s raining again, but Maddie doesn’t seem to mind too much.

Another glorious sunset.

Next stop: Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera

Author: Exhale49

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5 thoughts on “Harbour Island – Valentines Marina”

  1. So many cool things to see! I love the pink sands, the wine bottle retaining wall (very resourceful!) and of course the local pubs! And I bet you never get tired of the water colors & the sunsets!💦 Susan/ GYPSY Girl

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