Lynyard Cay and Spanish Wells.

We anchored out at Lynyard Cay.

In a protected cove, joined by Rejoice and Tonto.

Photo of the Week by Rick G.

This boat should be called Darwinian. The passengers are drinking and swimming in those underwater blue lights. Potential Shark Bait?

Reminiscent of our trip on the Great Loop, we pulled up anchor at the break of dawn, for an early morning departure. With roughly nine hours running ahead of us we were greeted by a spectacular sunrise. This sea day was completely surrounded by water, with no land in sight. The water was gentle, with slow rolling waves, and, we arrived in full light.

Spanish Wells

Starbucks served here.

Sashimi courtesy of Rick C.

He caught A Rainbow Runner!

Spanish Wells is an adorable seaside village.

Now that’s a great boat name, Radar Love.


To navigate the Devils Backbone it is local tradition to hire a “pilot” to lead your boat through the windy route, well known for shoaling. It turns out, with modern charts and gps you could safely navigate the route on your own, but we were happy to support the beloved local grand daddy, aptly named Bandit.

Bandit leads the way for Tonto’s Reward, followed closely by Exhale and Rejoice.

Next stop: Valentines Harbor and Marina.

Happy Birthday Cousin Debra McGhan.

Author: Exhale49

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