Parrot Cay, Marsh Harbour, and Tilloo Cay

Originally named Pirate Cay, after female pirate Anne Bonny from the 1720’s, the island was renamed “Parrot Cay” so it would not frighten away tourists. Hey – Ho! Wait a minute, that’s the story of the island in Turks and Caicos.

But we did see a pirate ship

With three little boats in tow, bounty perhaps??

Marsh Harbour

Marsh Harbour was a good place to get provisions, once the rain let up. A free boat wash. You would be proud, Rodger, we walked to and from the grocery store. Got our steps in!

Dinner at Wally’s with RickC, Deedy and Linda was exceptional. The bread pudding, shared by all, got a 10 from Rick C, not to be taken lightly. We were very thankful for the magic of this small sterno can, since the flies disappear immediately.

The Conch Marina in Marsh Harbour was a good stop, excellent staff and a delightful stay.

Tilloo Cay Anchorage

This “Chain silencer” was invented by Loopers, Reality. Thanks 🙏 so much Rodger and Lorrie.

We enjoy anchoring.

Maddie was exhausted from another day in Paradise

Scout and Inhale explored Tahiti Beach again, finding Thirsty Cuda buzzing with activity.

At Cavern Cay we found a castle, the dock said “Far Side”, we are on the lookout for Gary Larson.

Maddie was happy to visit Cracker Ps, another dog friendly bar.

At anchor with Tonto’s Reward, Exhale hosted a relaxing dinner with the Bernstein’s.

We were sorry to say goodbye to Linda Moynahan, Rick Crossland’s sister.

Happy Birthday Finny!

Next Stop: Lynyard Cay, anchoring out with Rejoice and Tonto’s Reward.

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North Pacific Trawler

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