Hatchet Bay and Governors Harbour

First, A friendly Hello from a visiting turtle.

Hatchet Bay

We anchored out at Hatchet Bay, a well protected “pond” that was opened up to sea – courtesy of tons of dynamite that blasted open a narrow cut in the limestone cliffs.

Maddie just wanted to know if she could have some of that well chilled arrival beer. Sorry little girl.

Governors Harbour

Eleuthera’s capital is a little village dominated by a Marriott signature resort, strategically situated with a magnificent view.

An enterprising mixologist from The 1648 Restaurant (a clever reference to the birthplace of the Bahamas, dating back to 1648) encouraged our three dinghy’s to dock, followed by a scenic visit to the stunning Marriott property.

According to David, once upon a time there was an up scale Club Med at this spot, enjoyed by Claude and JoAnn more than three decades ago. At some point the Club Med was abandoned. At this point in the story David shrugs his shoulders and says, “It is no surprise the beach is now called the French Leave.”

Note to self – if you let the Mixologist chose your cocktail you should not be surprised when the result is something you would not have ordered on your own. Although electric blue is one of my favorite colors – for house paint.

Another marine life visitor. A Giant Ray

A short dingy ride to shore with Be Glad, Governors Harbour consists of roughly five city blocks, easily walked by all.

The grounds of St Patrick’s Anglican church, dating back 170 years, were well maintained.

Hey Subject to Change, dogs are welcome here!

Thanks to Amanda, we now know Bahama mutts (randomly mixed dog breeds) are lovingly called Potcakes. http://littlehousebytheferry.com

A full moon over our anchorage, the “city lights” were shining bright. Sleep well boaters.

Happy birthday Heather Rutherford (June 15) – thanks for bravely leading the way.

Next Stop: Cape Eleuthera. See you soon Ann and Dale!

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