Anchoring Out – Crisfield and Solomons Island

Happy Mother’s Day

V formation training

Flight training begins on ground, demonstrated by these adorable baby Canadian geese, practicing v-formations.

Just Breathe

We anchored out with Reality [check] in St. Marys, Crisfield, and Solomons Island, Maryland for a total of 6 days “on the hook.”  It was more than serene!

When you anchor out, it is imperative to have a reliable dinghy to get ashore – especially when you have a dog that needs to “stretch her little legs”. When your dinghy chokes frequently, it’s rather nerve racking.  The engine seemed to cut out at all speeds, indicating the fuel was not flowing properly. Rodger and Rick spent several hours trouble shooting, cleaning, and replacing parts to enhance the fuel intake.  For good measure, we officially named the little dink Inhale, hoping she would just breathe!

Naming the Dink
What are you naming the dink, Rodger? So far it looks like ..HAL.
Naming the Dink2
Naming the Dink3
Launching Inhale


In early May there were only two restaurant options in Crisfield, the first one is not worth mentioning, the second was Cafe Milano, which had some pretty yummy pizza, including a Veggie mix that made Rodger smile.   Best of all they delivered the pizza to the marina!  We did tour the small local museum, where we learned …

how to tell the difference between male and female crabs.  Let’s just say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

A lesson in oyster anatomy

For the curious, here’s a few Crab Basics from Baltimore Magazine.

Traveling on the Chesapeake

We continued to travel with Reality, enjoying the calm waters.

CrabPot Minefield
LOTS of Crab pots
Fishing Creek Lighthouse

Crab season in most places runs from April through October. Unfortunately, the location of the pots seems unpredictable.  With no warning, you can suddenly find a minefield of little bobbers that are difficult to navigate around.  If you wrap one around your prop, it’s a really bad day.

Solomons Island

Thanks to Reality, we connected with more loopers in progress at Solomons Island (Tim and June Sneider, Subject to Change; Barb and Don Cavin, Cavara; both 49′ Defevers).  Exceptional company!  There’s something special about those Defever folks, for sure.  Loving the looper life!

Named after Isaac Solomon’s Oyster Packing Facility,  Solomons Island was delightfully walkable.  Historic homes and lovely views abound.

We shlepped Rodger and Lorrie around Solomons Island (maybe it was the other way around).

Solomons Ark
The Ark of Hungerford Creek
Lorrie at the Tiki Bar – tough to get a drink around here.
Gov Thomas Johnson Bridge
Gov Thomas Johnson Bridge

On Saturday night we took the newly named “Inhale” across the river to a delicious meal – and it seemed to be breathing just fine. Our little watch dog, also known as Kudro, was left to guard the boat.

All alone on a Saturday where is Donna now
All alone on a Saturday night. Sure wish Donna would come hang out with me …

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

Next Location:

We said goodbye, for now, to Reality [check] in Solomons Island, they are waiting for a part to repair the heat exchanger (it’s a B.O.A.T).  Looking forward to seeing them again in Baltimore (we also need to retrieve the treats we left behind for Maddie)!!

Next Location – St. Michaels, Maryland.  Maybe.

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