St. Mary’s, Maryland

Anchoring out takes skill, practice, and patience. If done right, the reward is a quiet, peaceful, adventure.

St Marys River
St Mary’s River

In the US, waterways are public.  That means you can anchor almost anywhere, outside of a designated boating channel (which would be dangerous and plain stupid, by the way), for free.   Rodger, Dodger, it’s free.

St Marys River sunset
Sunset on St Mary’s River

St. Mary’s, Maryland

Exhale anchored out with Reality at St. Mary’s College of Maryland; a peaceful little cove.

Reality and Exhale anchored at St Mary's
Reality and Exhale anchored at St Mary’s
St Mary's 1840
St. Mary’s College 1840

Sundial Lesson

While visiting the campus we learned how to tell time like ancient mariners, using a sundial.  Lorrie and Rick (the CPA’s of course) were able to accurately read the sundial, plus a one hour change for daylight savings time.  Something new, something fun.

Bagels for Breakfast

When we anchor out, we eat pretty well, especially when our boating buddies join us!

Rodger's bagel a work of art
Rodger’s bagel was a work of art.

Thanks, Lorrie for the Lox.

Cruising the Chesapeake

We were up close (but not TOO close) to a Liberty Ship (American Mariner) used by the Navy for live target practice.

Princess Anne Lighthouse

Early Mother’s Day Wishes

Sending warm wishes to all the moms in our lives!

Springtime in Maryland for Carly

Next Stop – Crisfield, Maryland (we arrived today, May 9), followed by more quiet coves on the Chesapeake – now that we are getting better at anchoring.  Thanks, Reality Check.

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