Meanders in St. Michaels

Meanders Rendezvous

Meanders is a very special 49′ North Pacific.  Trevor introduced us to her captains, Marty and Anders (think “Me” & “Anders”) Liljequist (yes, he is a Swede) in Connecticut, in 2015.  Let’s be brutally honest – we had been searching for the perfect boat for years, never finding the right fit.  Without a doubt, from the moment we walked on board, we knew we wanted a 49′ North Pacific.  Roughly one year later, Exhale was launched.  Now Marty and Andy are based in Stuart, Florida (east coast); and we have become close friends.   So close that they were our shelter from Hurricane Irma, but that’s another story.

Meanders (in front) and Exhale

In May 2017, Tom & Nancy Rea, 44′ DeFever owners (land based in Petoskey, Michigan), purchased Meanders.  Imagine our pure childish delight when the sister ship docked next to us in St. Michaels, Maryland!

Sister ship, Meanders, NPY49

Bucket List Item Checked – Crab Fest!

It’s a great day when Rick gets to check off something special from his Bucket List!

Ice cold draft beer; Check.  A long table, covered in newspapers, filled with friends; Check.  All the fresh crab you can eat, seasoned in Old Bay; Check.

Crab Feast
Loopers! Rick, Mary (Exhale), Nancy, Tom (Meanders), Tim (Subject to Change), Frank (Jubilee), and June (Subject to Change). Photo by Cally Rogers-Witte (Jubilee)

 St. Michaels, Maryland

That’s right, it’s spelled without an apostrophe, again.  Not sure why.  St. Michaels was beautiful.  Walkable.  Repeat-able. We walked more than a mile each day, Rodger. 🙂

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

We spent half a day walking around the mariner’s museum, and barely scratched the surface.  Now we understand why everyone receives a 2-day pass!

The original hull of the nine-log bugeye, Edna E. Lockwood, seen here, was carefully removed.  To properly restore the historic boat, the replacement hull is being made from the same type of wood as the original, built in 1889.   To learn more about the restoration click here. 

Dog Heaven in Maryland

These boat dogs have an amazing life touring the Great Loop, Maggie (a lab-ra-doodle aboard Subject to Change) and Maddie were welcomed into numerous bars in Maryland, offered drinks, dog treats, and a special menu! Customer/Critter service was superb.

The dogs got served first.
Dog Bowls are standard at every table
Maddie and Maggie belly up to the bar

Hooper Strait Lighthouse Restoration

Built in 1879, this screwpile lighthouse was stationed in Chesapeake Bay until 1966.  Opened to the public in 1967, the lighthouse includes an exterior “privy” (notice the slender, closet-like outdoor space) that drained into open water. No pump out required.  To learn more about the Hooper Strait Lighthouse click here

MORE Lighthouses

We never get tired of the lighthouses.

Mooring Ball Lessons in Annapolis

Running with Subject to Change from St. Michaels to Annapolis, we stayed in a mooring field, adjacent to the city harbor.

Annapolis Mooring Field

Better than Yoga, we watched June adeptly perform her acrobatic moves as she retrieved that ball.  It appears the DeFever stripper poll (a standard amenity) has paid off again!

June is a pro! Subject to Change

Bay Bridge – Heading to Baltimore

A foggy day on the Bay, with limited visibility, as we headed to Baltimore.

We Love these Wipers

Yes, it was raining heavily OUTSIDE of the pilot house.  Loving those wipers.

Bay Bridge
Passing under the Chesapeake Bridge

A magnificent view that can ONLY be experienced from the water, as we passed under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Next Stop:

Baltimore.  The boat will be docked for a few days at the Anchorage Marina with Subject to Change.  Next week we take a side trip to Los Angeles – see you soon, Danielle, Sandra and Mija!





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    1. Wish all dogs were as welcomed as Maddie was. Some people just don’t get the attachment of dogs and owners. Atlantis in Nassau could learn a thing or two….

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