A Word from the Survivors

As a follow-up to the life altering events described in our last blog post, we want to share with you a little update from the survivors.

Larry Bell called me after Ms. Andrea called. To correct the earlier post, Larry was the one wearing the heavy boots. Thankfully he is a very fit 61 years of age.

Larry Bell

Their fishing buddy, Charles Jones, lost one sock.

Charles Jones

Larry’s 45-year old son, Dana Gent, was the one who lost his pants.

Dana Gent

Larry calls us his angels. An extremely proud father, he quietly said “my son Dana almost didn’t make it.” Words cannot express the flood of emotions I felt as his words sank in; one or more of the men really could have drowned, bringing tears to my eyes.

Why do the men have blue towels?

You will notice the photographs, of all the survivors, include a blue towel.

Here’s why. After the men climbed on board Exhale I gave them water and food to help them recover. I also gave each one a soft towel, in an effort to wipe away the salt water from their faces. To my delight I noticed – as they departed from the boat – all four men had the blue towels over their shoulders, sparking a little joy in my heart.

Larry Bell said he is hanging his blue towel on the wall of his home, as a reminder of the day he, his son, and his two fishing buddies were able to exhale.

A little message to the survivors – we are so thankful everyone is okay. Thanks to each of you for reaching out!!

A special message to Alvin R. Dawson, Jr.

Alvin R. Dawson, Jr.

Your bravery, strength, and cool head in a moment of duress helped to save yourself and your fishing buddies. You are deeply loved by your friends and family, especially that beautiful mom, Ms. Andrea, pictured in the earlier post.

Alvin, Larry, Dana and Charles – we hope you keep fishing – with life jackets! Next time we are in the Vero Beach area, we will reunite.

Thanks Anders and Marty

We parted Stuart, on a sweet note. Keeping up with a long standing tradition, Anders brought us a small box of local pastries. Thanks for the sweets Anders.

Stuart, FL

We close with a spectacular shot of the clouds. As the sun was rising on a new day, full of hope, we say a thankful prayer for the Liljequists.

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5 thoughts on “A Word from the Survivors”

  1. Amazing, uplifting post at a time we all need it! God is great and as I said in my earlier post there are Angels among us and you answered your call. May we all give pause and remind ourselves each day is a gift, which is why we call the period of time “the present.”

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  2. Thanks for the follow up post on your newly made lifelong friends! Such an amazing story of bravery, action & gratitude. And I love the photo from Stuart, too. Magnificent.😘

    Liked by 1 person

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