Chubb Cay and Alice Town

Luxury is … floating docks!

The Berries – Chubb Cay

Chubb Cay was more than elegant. Seemed like a great place for a destination wedding, with a cute little chapel and lots of private villas.

Spectacular service and delicious food.

The view from the infinity pool was breath taking You might like this pool, Eric.

Bimini – Alice Town

Departure at first light with Tonto’s Reward, we headed to the Biminis.

Our last stop in the Bahamas. Another perfect water day.

The infamous Radio Beach, proclaimed the most popular in Bimini. With a year round population of 300, not sure how many folks were surveyed.

Not a good day for this boat.

Hello to my little sister, Alice!

We decided the contest was for a Hemingway look a like. This Capt is Definitely a contender.

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Another early departure with Tonto’s Reward, our last morning on the water as boat buddies. Thanks Bernstein’s for an amazing Bahama adventure. See you in Fort Myers. Hope your journey to Stuart is enjoyable.

The water crossing the Gulf Stream was not smooth. Heavily tossed in the Straits Of Florida, Sadly, there was a tragic loss – Rick’s electric toothbrush fell in the head. Super Yuck.

Anniversaries: Miss you Mom and Dad. You would have loved the Bahamas.

Next up – Key Largo, Florida

Author: Exhale49

North Pacific Trawler

4 thoughts on “Chubb Cay and Alice Town”

  1. Hi Exhale! My favorite photo on this blog was the remains of the old boat in the water…pretty cool. And I see Rick in a whole new light as Hemingway now!)🙂

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  2. Rick, sorry for your loss, at least u can get a new one now. Order today on amazon and it will arrive home before you get there

    Sent from my iPad


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  3. Sorry for the toothbrush casualty! I love my Sonicares! What a fantastic trip this has been for you! Wish we had the time to have stayed along with you guys! See you in Fort Myers in November if not before.

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