Au revoir Canada, until we meet again!

Anchoring out with Gypsy one last time in sweet, splendiferous Canada.

We finished the North Channel this week with our buddy boat, Gypsy.  Still following the itinerary from Robin (Queen’s Cove Marina), together we found a secluded anchorage in the Benjamins.

Anchored in the Benjamins – Crocker Island


Anchoring and Rafting Off

Once we agreed on a gunk hole (anchoring spot) Exhale dropped her anchor. With fenders in place, Gypsy scooted in close, and tied off.

Dropped Anchor. Fenders Set. Ready for Gypsy to Raft Off.
Nice and snug. Tied off to the trees. We got this!
Another Sweet Cove. Exhale and Gypsy at Crocker Island.

It seems like we are a little close to the rocks, right?!?  But the Captain was confident in water deeper than 10 feet and no wave action.


The Merritts suggested we leave the Mother Ship (Exhale) to “hold our place” at the rocks, and took the Super Shuttle (Gypsy) to tour the Benjamins, anchor out, and eat a little picnic lunch.  What a treat!

Maddie said, “thanks for the warm blanket!”



Weathered in – or not?

Red equals Rain.

The rain came and went.  Just another free boat wash.


Gore Bay

This sleepy little town is in Lake Huron’s north channel. Quick Facts from Wikipedia: Population 816.  Average age, 56. 

Image result

We joined up with Houlegan, again in Gore Bay, home of the Split Rail Brewery. The marine forecast was thunder, lightning, and choppy waters. The captains agreed it was likely we would be in Gore Bay for two or more days, until the weather cleared.

We heard the rain and thunder in the darkest hours of the evening. Awoken to a quiet calm around 6 am, Captain Rick checked the forecast again.  Waves of three to four – inches.  What?!?  Rise and shine everyone, Gypsy and Exhale are going, going, going!

Mother Nature cut us some slack as we enjoyed 9 solid hours of smooth waters. Unsure how long the weather would hold, we skipped Meldrum (the “planned” final stop in Canada), opting to clear US Customs a day early.

Smooth Waters

The water was soooo smooth the Captain and his dog took a little snooze.

Life is Good. A boy and his dog.

What a view!  Perfect weather, perfect water.



Crossing the Invisible Line – did you see that?

For all the football fans out there, we thought you might appreciate a super-imposed 10-yard line, I mean border crossing line, as Gypsy and Exhale said goodbye to Canada and hello to USA.

Gypsy crosses the border\
Exhale approaches the border (Nebo app)
Exhale crosses the Border

Exhale was in Canada for sixty days.  The time seemed to pass very quickly. In many ways it reminds me of the summers in Alaska, where you can spend the season in pristine country, with a new adventure everyday, knowing there is sooooo much more to explore. Captain and crew (including short-term swabbies) agreed, the journey was splendiferous – definitely worth repeating.  Au revoir beautiful Canada, until we meet again!

Clearing Customs – Embracing Technology

Thanks to the new Reporting Off-shore Arrival Mobile app, clearing customs was fast, and smooth. Launched in 2018, the ROAM app allows small boaters the flexibility of reporting their arrival into the U.S. from any location! Apple and Android friendly, enter your passport and travel data in the app, submit, and then “video-chat” via your smart phone or iPad with a friendly customs agent.  It was super easy.  To learn more click here. 

De Tour Village, Michigan

We officially re-entered the US with Gypsy at this gorgeous new marina.  For those of you still looping on the water, we strongly recommend this port of entry.  It’s a friendly town, with good local food (hooray for US Beef) within easy walking distance.



Maddie was happy to be back on US soil. Soft new grass on her tummy, hooray!

You were right, Gonzo, the waters of Michigan are really blue! Now I know why the University of Michigan chant is “Go, Blue!” If you want to learn more about the winning Wolverines, click here.  Go Blue!


Next Stop:

Lake Michigan – Grandpa Says, “Go Blue!”

Mike & Sue Gillespie – see you in Mackinac Island.  Next Guests – Matt & Piper Jackson 🙂

Where Have We Been So Far? Thanks for asking 🙂

Total Locks completed = 126, includes:

  • Florida – Lake Okeechobee area: 7
  • Virginia – Great Dismal Swamp: 2
  • New York – Troy & Champlain Canal: 12
  • CANADA – Chambly Canal/Quebec: 9
  • CANADA – Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway: 5
  • CANADA – Rideau Canal/Ontario: 47
  • CANADA – Trent-Severn Waterway: 44

States and Provinces traversed on the water, commencing March 1, 2018:

U.S (March 1- June 10). Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Vermont. (August 10 – tbd): Michigan

Canada Provinces (June 10 – August 9): Quebec, Ontario.

Side trips (via land or air):

Los Angeles (MS [2 – April and May], Rick [3 – May, June and July] & Maddie [May], Cleveland (RMG, MS & Maddie [2- April and July], Craig [April])

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