Go Dog, Go!

Tyler’s favorite book is “Go Dog, Go!“, written and illustrated by P.D. Eastman.  One thing for sure, the author fully tapped into the energy of a two-year old – like the dog in the 1961 classic child’s story, Tyler likes to go, go, go!

Walking Maddie
Go dog, go!

What do you love to eat when you are two? Pasta, hashbrowns and peanut butter – especially if you can double fist it!

Tyler likes his pasta with butter and a little salt. 1-2-3 bowls, please.
What’s that? Hash browns, with Arizona watching closely.
Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter, Heck Yeah!

Graham grackers taste better one nibble at a time.  Equality is key – all four corners are gone!

Everything must be balanced, what do you think, Mo, a CPA or an engineer in the making?

Lions and Basketballs!

Lions growwwwwl.
He’s a natural athlete.
Favorite Book!

Do you want some milk with your coffee, Papa?




This fashion statement is beyond comment …  thanks for the hat, Uncle Scott.


Thanks Aunt Cindy and Uncle Scott for a fun day swimming, and for letting Maddie stay at your house!

It was also great seeing Mike and Sue Gillespie for a relaxing day at their pool, with Scott and Cindy.  Thanks for the pizza and libations. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the water!

Jamie and David‘s return flight to Cleveland was cancelled, delaying their return by roughly 24 hours. Meanwhile Nona and Grandpa Dan got another chance to play with Tyler! Thanks again, Dan & Rita (Tyler’s other grandparents) for spoiling us.  Without a doubt, the VERY BEST bagels on the planet are made by D & R Bagels, click here for their website.

Cleveland to Queen’s Cove, Ontario Canada ~ 350 miles

Before driving back to Canada, WWRD?? Stock up with groceries from Costco. After 8 full days in Cleveland, Maddie was one exhausted dog.




Repairs in Progress – Reunited with Friends



While we were in Cleveland, Trevor helped expedite the imported parts from China (Thanks so much, Trevor!), the prop was re-shaped, the custom nuts arrived, and now we are crossing our fingers the repairs will be completed by the Marina on Monday (tomorrow) so we can get back on the water …

Meanwhile we are thrilled to be reunited with our friends Ray Houle and Caryl Moulder, Houlegan Again.

Cheers everyone, the Georgian Bay awaits.


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  1. Glad your parts arrived. Let’s hope that you can get on your way.  Look’s like you had a great time anyway.  No more rocks!  ⚓😎

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