Bon Jour Quebec!

Maddie’s hair was getting a little wild and crazy after more than 100 days on a boat.

The water was smooth as glass at daybreak (4:30 am).  We traveled from Saurel to Montreal with Houlegan again and Vagabond, leaving well before breakfast, again.

Before Breakfast2

Friday Sand Bar

Perfect blue skies attracted countless small boats that were intentionally beached on a shoal; think of it as a local sand “bar.”


Sand Bar

Montreal, the City of Mary (really!!)

Alongside Houlegan and Vagabond, we docked at the Old Port of Montreal, surrounded by a plethora of historic buildings dating back to the early 1400s.

Originally called Ville-Marie, or “City of Mary”, Montreal is named after Mount Royalthe triple-peaked hill in the heart of the city.  Archaeological evidence demonstrates that First Nations native people occupied the island of Montreal as early as 4,000 years ago.  To learn more, click here.

City Hall Montreal

Playground – SOS Labyrinthe

More than just a zip line, next to the port was a popular entertainment venue that offers numerous ways to walk a tight rope.  No, thanks.


Historic Montreal

It was a spectacular weather day in Montreal, prompting us to walk over 15,000 steps 🙂



Notre-Dame Basilica – La Basilique Notre-Dame

Saint Joseph’s Oratory

Gay Village, Montreal

Gay Village Montreal

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Chihuly exhibit
Historic Montreal
Maddie’s new best friend, Ray Houle, carries dog treats in his pockets every day.

Hydro Dam, floating dock locks

Although this lock resembled a guillotine, there was a floating dock inside, perhaps making it the easiest lock we had experienced so far!

Quebec Scenery

The scenery in Quebec is pristine, at the least.


Canadian Rules – Rafting Off – Size Matters

To maximize the number of boats that lock through the Canadian commercial locks, larger boats tie off to the walls, and smaller boats raft off. Houlegan again was a pro!

Canada Transit – Cars, Boats & Trains


Transit in Canada is extremely efficient.  Notice two train tracks immediately above Vagabond in the locks!

Currents against, and in our favor – setting two speed records.  

When the current is pushing against the boat, at 2800 rpms her top speed was 1.76 knots – Yes, Trevor, that’s about 0.1 mpg.  After a u-turn the current was in our favor causing us to break a new speed record, running 15.3 knots at only 1200 rpms. WhooHoo!

Doggie Salon 

Maddie’s hair was getting a little wild and crazy until she spent the afternoon at the Spa Doggie Style in Gay Village, Montreal where a lovable French groomer successfully transformed her back to a little princess.

Next Stop:

Heading to Ottawa to pick up Exhales’ most experienced crew members, Craig and Maureen! And, YES, they are bringing fresh coffee beans.

Where Have We Been So Far?

States and Provinces traversed on the water, commencing March 1, 2018:

U.S. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Vermont.  Canada: Quebec.

Side trips (via land or air):

Los Angeles (MS, 2 times; Rick & Maddie, once), Cleveland (RMG, Craig, Maddie, and MS)


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