New York, NY – Let Freedom Ring!

Great Loop Bucket List Item 2 – anchor out behind the Statue of Liberty.  Check!

The Statue of Liberty is more than just symbolic.  Majestic, at a minimum, it was emotional to get up close and personal with buddy boats Vagabond and Meanders, while dodging a steady stream of commuter ferries and commercial marine traffic!

Liberty Lady Full Size
Liberty Lady – photo by MaryS (iPhone8)

Lady Liberty was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the US, in 1886. The unique copper statue is recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. For lots of fun facts about the magnificent greek goddess, including the story of the first ticker-tape parade and dedication ceremony presided over by President Grover Cleveland click here.

Vagabond and Liberty Lady
Donna and Liberty Lady
Donna Wallace
Seeing Double Exhale Meanders and Liberty Lady
Seeing Double! Exhale and Meanders. Photo by Mats Persson, Vagabond.
Exhale and Liberty Lady
Exhale and the Statue of Liberty. Photo by Nancy Rea, Meanders.

Great Loop Bucket List Item 2 – anchor out behind the Statue of Liberty.  Check!

Did you know you can actually drop an anchor behind the statue?  Vagabond, Meanders and a small handful of private boats spent a magical night protected by Lady Liberty.

New York Harbor

Even on a cloudy day, the view of New York from the water was magnificent.

Hudson River

If you saw the 2016 award winning movie Sully (here’s a quick link), you have certainly seen footage of the Hudson River – Sullenberger’s January 2009 emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549.

We were amazed by the magnificence of the natural cliffs.  Surrounded by bedrock and mature trees, it was definitely not a flood zone.

Hudson Bridge3

Connecting with North Pacific friends

Thanks Pam & Rick Bunting (they also own a North Pacific).  Rick B. commissioned Exhale a little more than 2 years ago, handling all the final mechanical and engineering details to get her up and running smoothly.  He is a true guru.  It was a sincere pleasure to see you guys in Half Moon Bay!  The sushi dinner was yummy, too.

Also known as Looper Ville, Half Moon Bay was gorgeous.

Half Moon Bay Marina Sunset
Sunset at Half Moon Bay Marina
Half Moon Bay Marina

A big congrats to Penny and Mats Persson, Vagabond, who are celebrating the citizenship of their son in Philly.  Let Freedom Ring!

And a warm hello to my little sister Frances and her boyfriend Michael, on holiday in France.  Finny, please tell your new friends thanks for the sweet copper statue!

‘lil sis, Frances, in France

Welcome back #8.  You win a special award for packing light.  It was a lot of fun attempting to unravel the mystery of whether it was you, or #7, joining us. We look forward to Hazel showing up in the future!

Details about our adventures at the CIA and the Roosevelt home in the next post.

Mystery guest arrives.

Next Stop:

The looper parade is heading up the Hudson River. Guests on Board – Donna and Dave 🙂

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