Memorial Day Weekend in New Jersey: Cape May & Atlantic City

By Memorial Day we traveled over 1500 nautical miles. New Jersey is the 7th state in our 6,000 + mile journey.

When we left Baltimore, it was no longer raining 🙂

Chesapeake City – Schaefer’s Marina

We recommend a stop in Chesapeake City.  Memorial Day weekend was spectacular! Thanks, Donna, for bringing some great weather.

Schaeffers Sunset

Docking at Schaefer’s Marina, just northeast of the Chesapeake City fixed bridge, equates to front row seating for the live band. Notice Exhale is docked next to our table.

Cape May, New Jersey

New Jersey marks our seventh state. We noted the waters were significantly cleaner (considerably less floating logs and debris) as we traveled north along the Atlantic Ocean, loopers say that’s “running on the outside”,  rather than in the protected Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), or “inside.”

As the seas began to get choppy, we saw more fishing boats; those commercial fishermen are hearty stock  (this one is for you, Sam).

Fishing Season
Fishing Season

Cape May was lovely, worth visiting again.  Although we didn’t take many photos there, we got in MORE than 10,000 steps that day (that’s for you, Rodger).

Cape May
Cape May, NJ

Atlantic City

We endured rough seas, from Cape May to Atlantic City, turning the girls (including Maddie) green for hours. Surrounded by casinos, we were overwhelmed by the holiday weekend crowd.  It turns out, they were giving away a truck!

Atlantic City Truck Giveaway
Free Truck!

We heard the odds of winning the GMC truck were 3,000 to one, never mind that you had to play the slots to qualify, then you must be “present to win.”

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to those men and women who served our country.  Most of all to our beloved World War II vets, Larry Straley and John Gill, Sr.

Memorial Day

Looper Parade

We got up before breakfast, and pulled away from the dock before sunrise. Lead by Phantom, the looper parade began at 5:05 am.

Break of Dawn2
May 29, 2018. Departing Atlantic City at 5:05 am
Break of Dawn departure
On the water early. Rick definitely got up before breakfast!

Exhale was the second looper in the procession, followed by HMS Vagabond, Meanders, and Island Girl. Late riser, New Freedom, joined us once the fog lifted.

A warm shout out to Scott and Beth who are preparing for a LONG hike!  Hope you join us soon on the water.

Next Stop:

The looper parade is headed to New York Harbor, hoping to anchor behind the Statue of Liberty; the weather gods will definitely decide. See you very soon 7 &8!

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  1. I’m loving the pics. Are you going to travel with a group ? How long and what times are you going to be in Massachusetts.


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