Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend we offer a humble thank you for your service followed by a heartfelt thanks for surviving to our active and retired military family members and friends.

Memorial Day Wreath

Did you know this federal holiday dates back to 1865? Officially observed on May 30 up until 1971 – when the Monday observance supported a 3-day holiday – it began as a day of remembrance for the loss of soldiers who tragically died in the Civil War.  The holiday was originally called Decoration Day, from the early tradition of decorating graves with flowers, wreaths and flags. 

Formula 1 – Chub Cay

Sunday, May 22 was the exciting Formula 1 Race in Barcelona. Courtesy of David B, who tapes the race, we skipped the commercial breaks, and enjoyed a magnificent spread aboard Tonto’s Reward as my favorite racer overcame the challenge of a malfunctioning DRS (Drag Reduction System) to win the race in Spain. Go Max Go!

Race Snacks

Fortunately for us, Craig Adford (crew from Exhale) is a master chef; yes, he outperformed, again, with his infamous charcuterie board.  Recognize the nautical cutting board? It’s the People’s Choice Award from the Trawlerfest in 2018! Gail’s spinach dip and Jo’s addictive pretzels (One Fine Tolly) rounded out the feast!

Spanish Wells

At 6:00 am on Monday we left Chub Cay for a bucking bronco ride to Spanish Wells. After a long day on the water, we were rewarded with another spectacular Sunset.


Bahama Crypts

Perfect timing for Memorial Day Weekend, Maureen spotted the burial vault in this photo.   In the Bahamas, instead of stones, memorial shells are often placed on the graves. Vaults were often found along the side of the road.

Burial Vault/Crypt

Similar to New Orleans, burial plots tend to be above ground because the water table is so high.  At the time of this post, it is raining HEAVILY. A casket will float if it fills with water – is that why they say “you can’t keep a good man down?”

As we searched for sand dollars, crabs and starfish, Craig and Mo found a place to totally chill.

Spanish Wells

For Gary M/V Knot Dreaming. Blue Waters

Blue Waters

Harbour Island, aka Briland

If you say Harbour Island real fast, with a few silent letters, you get Br-i-land, the local name for this lovely oasis.

Under section of the fried solar panels

Solar Panel Repair time – Our solar panels gave up almost a month ago. Capt Rick identified the necessary repair, but needed an extra set of hands, preferably from someone agile enough to crawl onto the hardtop.

Meet Max

Max Etienne, Harbour Island

Time for a Boat Wash! Max Etienne was found meticulously washing the boats at Ramora Bay. Happy to lend a hand with the successful Solar Panel repairs, he then washed Exhale with care and precision. Give him a call from anywhere on the island: 1-242-470-2069

Pinks Sands

A trip to Harbour Island MUST include a walk along the pink sands. Stretching three plus miles, the beach is as wide as 100 feet. Although a rare beauty, the phenomenon can be found in several countries, including Bermuda, Greece, Indonesia and French Polynesia.

Pink Sands

When ever possible, Capt. Rick will take a dip in the local pool – so far this one at Ramora Bay is one of the best.

Capt Rick and crew, Craig Adford
**** and $$$$

Briland Club.  Best Burger $$$$.

Adjacent to Ramora Bay, a new marina for mega yachts is under development. Situated on 27 acres of land, built to withstand a Cat 3 hurricane, the marina can accommodate yachts up to 300 feet! A local fisherman told us the Club served an outrageously good burger. Forewarned the portions were generous, the three couples ordered a total of three burgers, splitting each one in half.  Although pricey (Capt Rick said that was the most expensive burger he has ever ordered), it was delicious, earning four stars! We strongly recommend you go to the new Club by dinghy. It was a nerve wracking challenge in our golf cart as the road is under construction. With limited signage, and no help from Siri, we took numerous wrong turns.

Miami Vice Time – any visit with Craig and Mo is a chance for Capt. Rick to make his magnificent blender drinks!

Miami Vice Central

More Chart toot er ie – Check out the Salami Blossoms! Craig told us all that he trained with a master Sushi Chef in Japan (fact check pending).

Salami Blossoms

Roger’s Dock – For Connie & Roger 🙂

Private Dock for Roger

Mask up Bahamas

Masks are still required in most of the small retail shops in Harbour Island.  This is by far the best sign we have seen (thanks for spotting it David).  A lovely tribute to Queen. Can you hum along?

Tribute to Queen

Local Favorite.

photo by Capt. Rick

This little gem of a store has a nice array of fresh veggies and produce. Clever Signage – make sure you notice the spelling, one g in each word. Not to be confused with the major grocery store in the US. which uses double g’s.

Covid Test Time

Craig and Maureen departed on Saturday, unintentionally leaving behind Mo’s persistent sniffles. By Sunday morning my use of a large quantity of tissues prompted concern by our boat mates.  With rapid tests on board we were able to determine it was not Covid.  So thankful.

Testing Negative

Sharing is Caring.

Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco

Sunday, May 29 is race day! As recent retiree Dave Lubs, North Pacific 45, noted – the harbor in Monaco is quite spectacular, with an overwhelming presence of mega yachts. Let’s just say Exhale would be minuscule by comparison, think of something teeny tiny … you get the idea.

One Proud Mama

Bravo Mija – Congrats on landing a new project – filming in Philadelphia begins June 1st

Breathe, Costume Designer: Alisha Silverstein

Keep an eye out for this action thriller sci-fi film – credits will include a VERY talented Costume Designer.  So proud!

Celebrations and Milestones

Anniversary:  May 27, Carly and Brandon (sorry I missed it in my last post)

Birthdays:  May 28, Brennyn (she is six!) and Scott Ginsburg; May 29, Doug Belknap and Joe Solari; June 1, Craig Adford, Mark Marlow, Amanda Saylor and penguin fan June Bug – Skyllar Gill; June 2, Sue Gillespie, and June 3, Lorrie Swink. 

Next destination:  somewhere in the Abacos, early reservations in Hope Town pending, trying to rendezvous with SFYC 🙂

Baa Haabaa or Bar Harbor?

Hap-bee birthday Mija!

Bar Harbor ME

As we entered into Bar Harbor with the distressed sailboat in tow, Gail from Tonto’s Reward pointed out we would soon be close to Silver Shalis, again, the yacht belonging to Larry Silverstein. The unique powder-blue hull makes her stand out from a distance. Along our journey we have seen her several times.

Silver Shalis, 180-ft yacht. Owner, Larry Silverstein. Newport, RI. Photo by Gail

After rescuing the sailboat without a scratch, my Bar Harbor story now includes a very rare and special viewing of Mr. Silverstein (my friends refer to him as my “uncle” Larry, although we still don’t know if he’s truly related). 

It’s my story, and I am sticking to it.

We spent the first night in Bar Harbor on a Mooring Ball, peacefully surrounded by a myriad of boats, large and small. The next morning – as we were enjoying our coffee with the rolling waves – off our bow Capt. Rick noticed a small rowboat closely followed by the familiar blue tender from Silver Shalis. 

Gentleman Rower escorted by Silver Shalis tender

Admittedly, the person rowing may or may not have been Uncle Larry.  As pointed out by David Bernstein, the rower had on a large hat, making it impossible to see the face of the person.  The rower, small in stature, was progressing slowly with intermittent rest breaks along the way. 

On the bow of the escort tender a uniformed crew member from Silver Shalis stood guard, ready to dive in and rescue if need be.  Impressively, the rowing continued for more than an hour.  If indeed it was Uncle Larry – reported to be 90-years young – I say BRAVO!

Introducing Mr. Hospitality

The 2nd night we managed to get space on the town dock, where we rocked and rolled, a lot. With that said, we enjoyed this spot, and stayed for a total of 4 restful days. This picture is for all our Looper friends (especially Misty Pearl, Houlegan, and Gypsy). Yes, it’s Herb Seaton on our “back porch.”  Thanks for the memories.

Herb Seaton

The sunsets are award winning in Bar Harbor.

Bar Harbor sunset

Outdoor movies in the Park! Great way to enjoy the view.

Wednesday Night Movies in the Park at the Harbor

Moose in Agamont Park

Neon Moose

We find it interesting that although it is heavily marketed, you never see a moose (unlike in AK where they interrupt the flow of traffic and gladly walk across your lawn). Guessing the moose don’t get royalties, either.

Frenchboro, Outer Long Island

On to another remote location. Lunt Harbor is well known for its Dockside Deli. Accessible by dinghy, it was a treasure.

Lunt Harbor, ME

Frenchboro is a quaint, picturesque town. This First Class Outhouse was up the hill from the deli.

Lunt Harbor, Maine

Hollywood News

We interrupt this story with a shameless bragging moment from this very proud Mama.

“Production begins in Buffalo, New York on Alejandro Monteverde’s ‘The Untitled Cabrini Film’. Christiana Dell’Anna, John Lithgow, David Morse & Rolando Villazón star in powerful true story of unknown American legend, Frances Xavier Cabrini … Costume Designer: Alisha Silverstein”.

Yep. That’s my daughter!! Want to know more about the movie? click here!!

The story is based in the 1890’s, and the costumes are spectacular! Wow, Mija.

Alisha Silverstein, Costume Designer; Austin Maurer and Carly Maurer.

Not only is Alisha the Costume Designer extraordinaire, she made a cameo appearance in the movie (her first ever) and she scored a roll for two of her Alaskan cousins who spent a VERY memorable week in New York. Here’s an unauthorized photo of their restaurant scene! Happy Birthday Carly (August 6) and Alisha (August 19).

Afternoon tea in Buffalo, New York c. 1890
undisclosed, Carly Maurer, Austin Maurer, and Alisha Silverstein

North Haven

The Maine Event Story continues. We found yet another adorable little village, and stayed an extra night in North Haven. Check out this community billboard, better than Facebook, especially when there is virtually no Verizon cell service, again.

Social Media, old school

Local artists flourish

Stone Carved Elephant

Sadly, the ice cream sold out before Capt Rick arrived.

Capt Rick is sad.

Devil Island

We anchored near Devil Island, with little to no visibility AGAIN.

Devil Island surrounded by Fog

As the fog slowly lifted we could see the water was like a sheet of glass.

Devil Island, ME

We leave you with a trendy drink for Tyler :-). See you soon!

on the label: “It’s SODAsgusting – Totally Gross Soda”

Celebrating Milestones: Birthday: August 19 – Alisha Silverstein, August 23 – Matt Jackson; Anniversary: August 19 – Sandra and Danielle Ginsburg; August 20 – Howard and Ann Freedman; August 22 – Wedding Nuptials – Megan Ginsburg in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Next stop: Anchoring out in Merchant Row, Maine