Yellow as Lemons

Alligator River, North Carolina

While Tonto’s Reward was leapfrogging ahead of us to Burr in Annapolis, we meandered to Alligator River with NP43 owners, Lisa and Greg Palmer.

Lisa from Beach Breeze

NP43, Beach Breeze

Be sure to walk into the marina office/gas station; order the fried chicken early, before the cook goes home!

Coinjock, North Carolina

For the first time, ever, we secured a section of the wall at Coinjock.  The prime rib was exactly as expected – delicious. Because it was Mother’s Day the crowd was overwhelming.

Boaters Tip:  Reservations require a party of 6 or more, so make new friends with the boats tied up on the wall and enjoy.  We recommend the prime rib, just ask for a smaller cut! We will spare you the photo of the consumed cow meat.

Tidewater Marina, Portsmouth, VA

Boaters Tip:  Believe the reviews on DockWa.  The staff at Tidewater Marina is great!  BUT, when you read “the marina is under construction”, it’s more than just a small inconvenience.  If you have a critter you can expect a LONG detour, visualize an obstacle course through a construction zone on floating docks that rock and roll, for fun – add a little pouring rain. Buttercup was not impressed.

For now, Waterside Marina – across the water in Norfolk, VA – is much better.

Portsmouth, VA

When you walk about the historic district of Portsmouth you will find stunning examples of buildings from the 1800’s, rich in character and color. Zoom in to see the Narwhal carving over the grand porch, to the left side of the magnificent entry steps!

Before the civil war, Portsmouth had dreams of becoming one of the largest deep-water ports. So, what happened? 

Are you ready, Commodore Greg

In June of 1855, the Benjamin Franklin – a stunning 183-foot steamship from the West Indies – left St. Thomas enroute to New York. The Franklin unexpectedly detoured toward Portsmouth for repairs when she became so leaky that the passengers (not crew) were desperately working the bilge pumps to keep her afloat. Its boilers were sputtering, and a sailing mast needed reinforcement. The condition of the ship was shocking to the affluent passengers, since she was only 4 years old. Tragically, the shipbuilders cut LOTS of corners in her design and craftsmanship.

Two days after the ship arrived, a body washed up at the fort. Reportedly, “His hands were as yellow as lemons.”

Yellow Fever quickly rampaged Portsmouth and Norfolk, ultimately killing nearly one-third of the population. To read the full article, “The Fever,” Originally Published July 10-23, 2005, click here:

Thanks to science and effective vaccines, Yellow Fever is now uncommon in the US. However, for International Travelers, it is still a concern. So, how does one get Yellow Fever? It is transmitted to people through the bite of infected mosquitoes, who got it from infected primates (human or animal) and then transmit the virus to other warm-blooded humans or animals.  

Visualize an infected needle that is re-used, over and over again. Each time the mosquito pokes you and sucks out your blood, it left the virus behind.  No wonder Capt. Rick HATES needles!

Here are a few questions you might have pondered about mosquitoes.

NON-READERS, it’s okay if you skip ahead to the next set of photos:

Do all mosquitos suck blood? No, the male is a strict vegetarian. On the other hand, females are like vampires, biting their victim repeatedly.

What is the life span of a mosquito? On average, females live 42-56 days, while males generally live for about 10 days. However, with a steady supply of blood, a female mosquito can live up to 5 months. Found dead on Exhale, without any report of bites, this mosquito was probably a harmless male.

How fast do they multiply? Once full of enough blood (either human or another warm-blooded animal), the mosquito will rest for two to three days before laying her eggs, generally about 100 at a time! Roughly 14 days later, the cycle repeats.

Where do mosquitoes thrive? Just a small amount of water; dog bowls, fountains, tires, barrels, vases and any other container storing water makes for a great “nursery.”  Eggs are very hardy; they stick to the walls of a container like glue and can survive drying out for up to 8 monthseven over the winter.

Stinky Feet attract mosquitoes – that’s also why they often bite your ankles! We have read that mosquitoes hate the smell of lavender, citronella, clove, peppermint, basil, cedarwood, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass and rosemary. 

Boater’s beware: The mosquito’s favorite mode of transit is by boat.  The bigger, the better, preferably with lots of smelly bilge water! Another great reason to regularly check and clean that bilge.

That’s enough about mosquitoes.

Submarine Sighting!

Shortly after we departed Portsmouth we were surprised to see the AIS reporting a submarine, we kept a respectable distance.

Special Message for Beach Breeze: “one ping”

Spring Cove, Maryland

One of our favorite respites, Spring Cove is a great spot for Thai Food.  We have tried two local favorites: one tiny spot is within walking distance of the marina; the second is a short drive over the bridge, to a more spacious location.  Don’t be discouraged by the sad little strip mall near West Marine– the service is delightful, and the meals are delicious. Both Sawatdee Thai Restaurants are the same owner!

Crispy Pork and Thai Noodles
Drunken Noodle with Beef, Capt. Rick’s favorite

Spring Cove is also the home of Zimmerman Marine.  It was nice to see you, Steve!

Annapolis Mooring Field, Maryland

We re-connected with Tonto’s reward in Annapolis, where Buttercup had her very first doggy restaurant experience at the Federal House.   She was very happy with the Sweet Potato Fries; the server disclosed it’s the same fries they serve humans, minus the salt, plus the doggy bowl.  She also whispered “the price is only $3 for the pupsters!”  Generously, Buttercup shared.

A shout out to Tim and June, Subject to Change.  It’s still a fun place to hang out, although we miss Maddie and Maggie.

Buttercup patiently waiting for her fries.

Annapolis Reunion – Iron Bear!!

The best part of Annapolis is connecting with Sandy! Gail and David Bernstein, Tonto’s Reward, and Exhale were private guests for her “soft opening” .  Sandy’s new kitchen is FANCY.

Top of the line appliances talk to you! 

Her crab cakes are yum-i-licious as always.  Sandy said “Hello” to Ray and Caryl.

Sandy – we hope you and Iron Bear will join us in Baddeck, Nova Scotia where Alexander Graham Bell adventures await!


May 25 Anniversary: Gail and David Bernstein, 49 years!

Birthday:  mijo, Zach Silverstein, celebrating 42

Next up:  Anchoring out, followed by Delaware City, followed by South Jersey

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