Connecticut connections, Hail Yale!

Essex, CT

Essex Island, CT

Following Tonto’s Reward, we stayed at the tiny Essex Island (13 acres).

Essex Island Marina

An on-demand foot ferry (no vehicles) crosses the waterway to Essex – ride time: roughly 5 minutes.

David and Rick wait for the ferry

Essex, CT

Birdhouses are prevalent in Essex.  In an area where real estate taxes are excessive, it is benevolent to provide such exquisite housing for our feathered friends.

Hello Anders from Griswold Inn. 

Rick talking to Anders (zoom in!)

Clinton, CT

Thanks to the staff at Cedar Island Marina

Approaching Cedar Island

Sadly, it was our last night with Tonto’s Reward. They are heading back to Florida. We MISS you!

New Haven, CT

The marina staff failed to answer the radio. Under a heavy current we gingerly approached the dock. When a friendly boater yelled out – “would you like help with your lines?” I replied “yes, please!”  In my headset Capt Rick said, “plan to jump onto the dock, they won’t arrive in time”. To our shock, a speedy little dinghy whirred into our section of the dock.  Much smoother than I could have managed alone, Joey Piccerillo, had our lines securely in hand.

Joey Piccerillo and Hilary Tomko

To Capt. Rick’s delight, Joey and his sweet girlfriend Hilary invited us to an outdoor picnic, an ice cream social, at the yacht club. We made some new friends, introducing Beverly (Carol) Carr and Scotty.

Capt Rick, Beverly (Carol) and Scotty Carr

New Haven was a slice of heaven – where else could an ice-cream social lead to a private tour of Yale? The ultimate IVY league school, alma mater of my sweet amigo, REM.  A dream come true.

Hail Yale


If you have been there, like David and Gail Bernstein, you know the campus is extremely special.

Founded in 1701 as the Collegiate School, then renamed as Yale in 1718, in honor of Jewish benefactor Elihu Yale, the private IVY league was chartered well BEFORE the American Revolution.

School of Law

As we walked the campus with Joey and Hilary, we continued to remark how the architecture seems flawless.   


The university logo, with Hebrew characters, was devised in the 1800s by then University President Ezra Stiles. Stylish, graceful, refined, elegant.

With one shocking exception. The School of Architecture. Why the Face (WTF)?  What a disgrace!  How is it possible, in the most prestigious school we found Brutalist Architecture?  

Simple answer:  The department Chair hired himself as the designing architect. Yep, the client and the customer were one and the same!

Introducing the ugliest building on campus.  We learned that brutalist architecture is characterized by exposed, unpainted, raw concrete. Often referred to as cold and soulless – truthful and accurate.

Nothing about the 1963 Paul Rudolph design made sense. Although only 7 stories tall, the building has a complex floor plan with over 30 interior levels. It was absolutely hated by its occupants – students and teachers alike.  With ribbed, hammered concrete throughout the building the walls, guaranteed to snag and scrape both skin and clothing whenever it made contact.

Oh Ryan, if I had toured Yale sooner, I would change 7th & C …

Silliman – te amo tanto, Ryan!

Thanks to our Connecticut hosts for the private tour of multiple local Italian joints! Best CT pizza for sure!

Capt Rick, Beverly, Mary, Hilary, Scotty and Joey

Goodbye, Connecticut – yes, the best lobster roll is Connecticut style.  My favorite was from a roadside stand, thanks Rick and David!

Port Jefferson, New York

Port Jeff Yacht Club. Welcome back to New York.  Thanks, Tonto, for the suggestion to stay at PJYC.  It was easy walking distance to the little town of Port Jefferson.

Connecting with DougAndDanaAndABoat!

Doug, Dana, Rick and Mary on Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed (NP 4906 formerly known as Exhale) arrived in Port Jeff for a rare gathering of the sister ships!  It was absolutely marvelous spending time with the Belknap family!! Yes, our adventures included some ice cream and some exceptional food at Ruvo’s. 

duck extraordinaire

Follow the Belknap’s blog @DougAndDanaAndABoat, where there might be an allegation of breaking and entering … 

Evidence, or not.

Interesting that the only scrape was on Doug’s forehead, unsubstantiated to his role as an accessory to a crime that may – or may not – have happened.

Next Up – Bushranger, in Port Washington – Aussie reunion time – oh yes!!

Milestones: Birthdays – big boy Mason, September 18 – MO, I can’t believe he’s already three!

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