A New York state of mind

“… I need a little give and take, the New York Times, the Daily News … I’m in a New York state of mind” Go ahead, name that tune.

It was a privilege to see Lady Liberty again, a symbol of freedom dating back to 1886. Cruising with Treble in Paradise and Tonto’s Reward, the iconic sculpture on Liberty Island greets all who enter New York Harbor. More on that in a moment.

Cape May – South Jersey Marina – Cape Island – June 5

Our stay in Cape May was very brief.

Arrived in Cape May around 3 pm, just enough time to do some quick shopping at their well stocked Ships Store – always supporting the local economy!

Sandy Hook, NJ – anchorage: June 6

Departure at 5:15 am – headed to open waters. Like an energizer bunny we did not stop in Atlantic City, NJ; or Barnegat Bay, or Mantoloking, or Manasquan. Cuz when the big water is calm you keep going, and going, and going.

Dropped an anchor in Sandy Hook, NJ at 7:00 pm. Over 100 nm, in roughly 14 hours! My union rep is NOT doing a good job. It was a beautiful sunset, anchored out with 3 flemings, Treble and Exhale.

New York Harbor

New York, New York – passing through the big Apple. Our plan was to anchor out behind the Statue of Liberty (2018 with Houlegan, Again) – but that area has closed, so we motored through New York City. Ain’t no stopping us now!

I LOVE New York. In my opinion, nothing compares to New York City. It is a vibrant blend of history and promise; home to a diverse, resilient population; a magnet for visitors attracted to a myriad of stimulating sights and smells. Lots of smells (Capt. Rick says, “some, not so good”). For me, the Big Apple represents the steady heartbeat of America. Beat on, sweet NYC, beat strong!

Tonto’s Reward cruised along side us. The splendid skyline reinforces “a New York State of Mind” (written by Billy Joel, 1976). Seriously now, is there anything more phallic than the World Trade Center??

World Trade Center: 1973-2001

Originally seven structures, WTC1 at 1368 feet, and WTC2 at 1362 were the tallest buildings in the world.

In July 2001 the NY Port Authority leased the WTC buildings to Silverstein Properties, Inc. No, I am not a shareholder.

Brilliant – the new World Trade Center, opened in Nov 2014, is 1776 feet high – it’s NOT a coincidence.

Safe Harbor Capri Mooring, Port Washington, NY June 7


Port Washington Launch, David and Gail Bernstein

Early childhood learning for Oysters. Curious what they teach the babies …

Did you know Billy Joel has a home in Oyster Bay, NY? Reportedly the mansion on the hill, and the house at the waterfront are his, along with all the surrounding greenery. Now that’s a New York State of Mind.

Oyster Bay Brewing Company. Beer test – what would you chose? Sideways – can you identify the beer that is mine? Here’s a clue: the 4 people at the brewery were David and Gail Bernstein, Capt. Rick and me. Round of drinks: 2 IPAs, 1 Original American Lager and 1 Barnrocker.

Safe Harbor Bruce & Johnson’s Marina: Branford, CT June, 10 and 11.

Yes, REM, we are in Connecticut! With COVID protocols in constant flux, Yale discouraged visitors, but we will be back in the fall to tour the campus with Tonto. We did find these architectural gems:

Branford Public Library – MDCCCXCIII – Roman Numeral time. Do you know the year this library was completed? Answer below.

Finally, a little deja vu for my brother and his boys. Notice the Tonka truck is getting buried in that sandbox.

Milestones: Happy birthday Gramma Finny, June 9

Next up: Sag Harbor Launch & Moorings, on Long Island, New York

Answer: MDCCCXCIII = 1893

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