Cruising with Friends

Clewiston, Stuart, Melbourne, New Smyrna Beach

We left LaBelle with Treble in Paradise and Lit’l Houlegan following close behind.

Lit’l Houlegan and Treble in Paradise

It all seems so familiar, cruising with Capt. Sideways. Platinum loopers, these boaters are extremely experienced in the locks.

Lit’l Houlegan – April 29, 2021

Early to Rise

If you followed our blog in the past, you know that Capt. Rick is an early riser. That means we often start our morning on the water with the sunrise. Good morning from the Clewiston Lock.

Clewiston sunrise – April 30, 2021, 6:30 am

It is such a pleasure, boating with our friends on Lit’l Houlegan. It was hard to say goodbye in Clewiston. Maddie said thanks for all the cookies, Ray, we trust you will trailer that sweet little boat somewhere fun this summer! Join us again, anytime.

We also parted ways, briefly, with Treble in Paradise. We plan to reconnect with them around St. Augustine.

Remote Office

In a COVID world, it’s extremely common to work remotely. For all our clients and colleagues, who were wondering if we really work on the boat – rest assured, this highly productive office opens with the sun!

MO, Command Central – May 1, 2021

Stuart – Manatee Pocket

One of our favorite places to visit is Stuart, where we reunited with MeAnders. Marty and Anders are the REASON why we bought our first North Pacific. We absolutely fell in love with their boat (and with them) and could not wait to have a NPY of our own. It was great seeing them. THANKS for the ice bucket!

Stuart, FL – May 1, 2021

Sunrise or Sunset?

Stuart, FL

Here’s a fun test – leave a comment with your guess. Answer in the next blog.


We typically run the boat from the pilot house (inside); heading to Melbourne it was a perfect day to run from the flybridge – for Tonto’s Reward.

Crew Craig Adford, Capt. Rick – May 2, 2021

We spent the night in Melbourne, dining at Ichabod in the familiar marina. Took a nice long walk to stretch our legs. Note to self, next time we visit Melbourne we should eat in the vibrant historic district, the options are abundant!

Melbourne Harbor Marina – May 3, 2021, 6:28 am

Yes, it’s common for Capt. Rick to leave at first light

Anchored out near New Smyrna Beach

We anchored out, surrounded by sailboats – it was actually a little crowded. Since the WiFi was a problem (for future reference), the office closed early. Better than any restaurant, a charcuterie feast, prepared by our Chef. It is such a treasure to cruise with our dearest friends, Craig and Maureen. We are very spoiled!

May 3, 2021

With a departure at 7:15 am, it felt like we finally slept in!

Ponce de Leon Cut, near New Smyrna Beach – May 4, 2021, 7:17 am

Useful stuff: Bowline Knots

It turns out, Craig is really good at tying a bowline knot. Confession time – I thought they were called bowling knots. But as I see the correct spelling of the nautical term, I realize a “line” (definitely not a rope) makes more sense. BushRanger, what do you think, can you can use the same knot on the stern? Just wondering. For those of you who want to master this useful knot, here’s a great visual aide.

Next Stop: St. Augustine Mooring Field – See you tonight Tonto’s Reward!

Author: Exhale49

North Pacific Trawler euro style

6 thoughts on “Cruising with Friends”

  1. Hi Exhale Crew!
    Your travels sound so fun! And my guess is the photo is at sunrise…Rick’s favorite time to head out for the day!🤗
    Jim keeps looking for Exhale on NEBO. Safe travels guys!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maaaack here

    What fun! Massive sighs of envy over here.

    First, sunset or sunrise. Sunrise. Capt Rick is known for having lunch at about that time plus by deduction, you were in Stuart May 1 having docktails and Melbourne May 2 at 6.28pm. Passage between Stuart and Melbourne is about 70 miles so I figure you took the shot after an early departure from Stuart.

    Bowline. Not sure what you mean about using it at the stern. I use it anywhere that I want to make a loop so useful for berthing lines without a spliced loop. Make two of them and put them under Maddie Sue as a sling to lower her into Bushranger’s tender for a pee break (if Bushranger was there – sob)

    Check on Bushranger. So kind of you to offer but I’m not sure there is much to do. She is a forlorn sight at the back of a shed. I have attempted to get the yard to do some work on her but they can’t even get a quote right so I won’t trust them with any work, even if it was specified by my go-to Project Manager, Capt Rick.

    Stay safe and have fun, but save some fun for us sometime in the future.

    Bushranger, Out.

    Heather Rutherford 0407211456 Sent from my iPad



    1. I am guessing sunrise.

      Now that we all know how to tie a bowline knot. Here is some bowline history. The bowline’s name has an earlier meaning, dating to the age of square-rigged ships. The bowline is a line that holds the edge of a square sail towards the bow of the ship and the bowline knot is the knot used to secure the bowline to the bow. More trivia… Mary mentioned rope verses line. Do you know the difference? A rope is attached to nothing. A line is always attached to something. I.E. a dock line is attached to a dock.

      Yesterday afternoon (5/4/2021) Mary, Rick, & Maddie Sue visited Tonto’s Reward. Maddie Sue enjoyed herself. And now wants Capt Rick to upgrade to a Fleming! Least night we enjoyed a great dinner with Mary, Rick, Maureen, and Craig.

      Liked by 1 person

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