Great Exhuma Island

Scenic Emerald Bay

On Sunday you will rest. Translation – the stores and restaurants are closed. Closed. Closed.

Solution – Rent a car to explore the Island. Drive from Rokers Point to Georgetown – where there are more shops and restaurants – a lovely country drive, but everything is closed. Wait a minute – That parking lot is full. Yep, it’s the local church.

A tiny sign read “open”, but there were no cars.

Augusta Bay was open! Sunday special was a delicious lamb chop.

The church crowd arrived shortly after us, filling up the joint, and scarfing up the daily special. Sorry, Gail, it was delicious.

Conch Salad

The recipe for conch salad is … a secret. Or a mystery. We have experienced some really delicious versions, a few that were more than memorable. Key ingredient – fresh conch.

Conch man

Local beers. Cold and delicious.

Beautiful sunset. Repeat

Farmer’s Cay

While Dale was running the boat, Rick was enjoying the smooth seas.

Farmer’s Cay Yacht Club. Total slips = 4.

4 boats. The marina is full.

Ann and Dale. Time for a dinghy ride.

The conch men told us the island population is 46, maybe it was 55, they weren’t sure.

Remnants of yet another tropical storm.

Sunset. Spectacular.

Hello? hello? Anybody out there? Has anyone seen Maddie?

Dinner at the Farmers Cay Yacht Club was cooked by the dockmasters wife.

Dale and Ann went to bed. Maddie could NOT believe she was not invited.

Sad to say goodbye to Karen and Rick Smith, guests on Tonto’s Reward. So nice spending time with you.

Next Stop: Black Point Settlement, Great Guana Cay.

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