Treasure Cay

There is something truly comforting about swimming in water that is so clear you can see your toes, as well as any little critter that just might be swimming alongside.

Running with Be Glad (the dink for Rejoice) it’s as if they were floating on air

We have never experienced such phenomenal water.

Reunited with Gail, David and the Bernstein Bears, Bert and EJ.

At the infamous Tipsy’s, Maddie got to belly up to the bar.

It’s official. Maddie Sue was there, reminiscing of her Looper drinking buddy, Maggie, from Subject to Change. Hey June and Tim!

Time to go exploring!

Life is good when there is a little shade on your dinghy. Rest assured, Maddie is very appreciative of the mini Bimini. Another Excellent DIY project completed by Capt Rock.

Happy birthday Sue Gillespie (June 2) and Lorrie Swink (June 3).

Author: Exhale49

North Pacific Trawler

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