Waterfront views, ahhh, the life of a dog!

Where is your favorite bridge?  Perhaps several come to mind.

Ocean Blvd Bridge, Stuart FL
Ocean Blvd Bridge, Stuart FL
North Fork St. Lucie River
North Fork St. Lucie River

Around the world, brilliant engineers and architects successfully “bridge” commerce and recreation – majestically shaping the waterfront.   Bridges in many forms create efficient connections for land lovers; suspension bridges, cantilevered bridges, arched, cabled, and beamed bridges, you get the idea.  Traveling on the water, bridges can create major obstacles.  Fixed bridges are simple – either your boat fits underneath, or it doesn’t.  The minimum clearance for Exhale is 17′ 2″, after we lower the antennae and remove the radar equipment.  Moveable bridges can be more complicated, since they require an operator to open the bridge. Along the Intra Coastal Waterway (ICW), one must be patient since some of the bridge workers seem to be on an unpredictable schedule.  That means we have drifted in the water anywhere from 5 minutes to nearly two hours.  Note to self, if you arrive at a railway bridge shortly before noon you will probably have enough time to make a sandwich, and possibly take a nap, before the bridge finally opens again.

If the dog could talk she would say, “Just sit back, relax, and marvel at the engineering and architecture” on second thought, she probably just wants to know, “when will dinner be ready?”

Dog Tantrum

That’s right, I made a mess.  And no, I will not pick up my toys …

Waterfront House for Bowser?

Is that a teeny tiny house? Perhaps it’s for bowser?  I can only speculate, but, if Almost7 was here he would probably say, “location, location, location”!

Come Visit us at the Trawler Fest at the Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort & Marina, 555 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart Fl.  We are here through Sunday, March 11th.

Look for the 49′ North Pacific, in Slip 49.



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North Pacific Trawler euro style

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