Hope Town

One of my favorite childhood stories is Marcia Brown’s “Stone Soup”. Three hungry soldiers convince the villagers to work together, each contributing the perfect blend of ingredients, to make a feast!

Let me just say, the feast we enjoyed in Hope Town was award winning.

Thanks to Chef Rick C who orchestrated the perfect menu of fresh conk and snapper, caught by Treble in Paradise; heavenly corn and edamame succotash, from Rejoice; delicately prepared Bahamian fried rice, from Tonto’s Reward; and fresh steamed broccoli from Exhale.

The delectable seafood was prepared outdoors by the men, highlighted by Rick Gs infamous slap yo mama beer batter – perfectly coated on the snapper! The conch was beyond tender, best ever. Thanks again, Treble!

What a feast 🙏.


A dink ride to the beach for a relaxing swim with Be Glad, Inhale, and Scout (photo by Linda)

It was a popular beach, with abundant talent. Bob Marta, you were right.

Floral Beauty

Exquisite, brilliant colors – these flowers are abundant in Hope Town.

Hibiscus for Jamie.

Orchids for Gail

Electric Blue House for Mija. N Street colors!

The views are stunning

A new Project?

The ultimate tree house. What do you think, Capt Rick – a new project? We think this house plan has lots of potential, with natural shade, and the beach nearby.

For my little brother, Sam.

Local talent

Local artist, Chaka Blatch, created a customized shoe basket for Exhale.

Next stop – anchoring out in Parrot 🦜 Cay.

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